Covered Bridges of Massachusetts


We've mapped the Commonwealth's covered bridges to help us locate them on our explorations and we hope this will help you too. Below the map we've included a list of all covered bridges, which include Google Map navigation links (click the name of the bridge to launch navigation). We also include links to trails that use covered bridges and other nearby hikes and rail trails.

Note that we've not yet visited all bridges on this list and cannot confirm whether they're publically accessible, to please take precautions to identify private property and heed any no trespassing signs.

Covered Bridge List:
Arthur A Smith (1868,2006)42.6698966-72.7188927
Bissell (1951,2009)42.6316582-72.8689055
Burkeville (1870,1999)42.5078312-72.7110323
Creamery (1985)42.5197264-72.8006571
Eunice Williams (1972)42.6464871-72.6202139
Goodrich (1965)42.1228039-72.7863717
Pepperell (1848,r2010)42.6696743-71.5750777Trail
Upper Sheffield (1837,1998)42.1239294-73.3546264
Vermont (1951)
aka Dummerston
Ware-Hardwick (1886,1986)
aka Gilbertville

Excluded Covered Bridge List:
Sawyer Pond (1983)42.5914227-70.7188523

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