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Trailspotting creator Stuart, posing like he's never seen a tree before.

Trailspotting has been on the move since 2007. Created and written by one person, Trailspotting brings an objective singular voice to reviews of hiking routes, rail trails and other outdoor activities. Just don't ask me why I started writing this site in the first-person plural, because we/I don't have a clue!

Our reviews are tailored to provide you with the precise information needed to choose your next adventure, reach the trailhead, and explore the trail firsthand. We focus on day trips, encompassing both short excursions and routes that can be completed within a full day. Our geographical coverage is limited to the places where we have lived or traveled, primarily in California and now New England. Though since our 2021 move to New Hampshire, we have already published reviews for around 200 new trails!

Reviews include maps that you can use to navigate the trails. You will find links to Trailspotting’s own AllTrails maps, which can be viewed on a smartphone. If you prefer a more tech-savvy approach, downloadable KML and GPX versions of our files are also freely available. These files can be used in multiple ways, including on platforms such as Strava and MapMyRun. Incidentally, if you spot similarities in content between Trailspotting and AllTrails, that’s likely because some of our California and Hawaii content is licensed to them.

Riding rail trails with Trailspotting.

Trailspotting has also published New Hampshire's first complete rail trail map, which has now been expanded to include Massachusetts and Vermont. Our map provides a unique perspective by showing rail trails in context of the live rail network and long-gone routes of yesterday. Links in the map will take you to our rail trail reviews, which include photography and detailed route maps.

Stuart Green is the creator and sole contributor of He writes the articles, records the trails and frames the photographs that you will find on this site. Hiking is an activity that his wife Jenna introduced him to, and she continues to be a very gracious and occasional subject within his trail photography. Stuart previously worked in engineering project management, but after thirty years hung up his hard hat for a hiking hat.

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