Covered Bridges of Connecticut


We've mapped the state's covered bridges to help us locate them on our explorations and we hope this will help you too. Below you'll also find an alphabetized list of all covered bridges, complete with driving directions and links to Trailspotting reviews and maps of adjacent trails. Trails labeled with an asterisk may be a short walk or drive from the covered bridge.

In the interest of completeness, at the bottom of the page we also show other covered bridges that we've excluded from our list. These bridges may be on private property, or they're not significant enough to be featured on the list (small trail bridges, for example).

Covered Bridge List:
Blackwell Brook (2010)41.7980310-71.981886
Bulls (1870)41.6756980-73.509218
Comstock (1840, r2011)41.5532790-72.44846,
Huckleberry Hill (1968)41.78601-72.909071
The Barn Yard (2021)41.88526-72.464846
West Cornwall (1864)41.8715480-73.363724
Worthington Pond Farm (2002)42.0169790-72.413432

Excluded Covered Bridge List:
Gold Mine (2015)41.5194690-72.127307
Johnsonville Village (1976)41.4958410-72.461272
Kent Falls (1974)41.7765320-73.416454

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