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Rail Trails of Massachusetts

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Trail Reviews:
All Massachusetts rail trail reviews.

Rail Trail List:
Rail Trail Review Length Gain Cond
Alewife LinearMap0.8 mi0, 0
Amesbury River Walk4★1.3 mi70, 60Good
AshburnhamMap1.3 mi70, 60
Ashburnham SouthMap0.4 mi10, 20
AshuwillticookMap13.6 mi420, 150
Assabet RiverMap12.4 mi490, 260
Bay ColonyMap6.7 mi210, 270
Bedford Narrow GaugeMap3.1 mi30, 120
Belchertown Mass CentralMap5 mi130, 200
Berlin-Waltham Mass CentralMap26.4 mi580, 920
Blackstone River Bwy NorthMap0.6 mi20, 20
BoxfordMap2.1 mi20, 30
BradfordMap0.8 mi0, 20
Brimfield Grand Trunk Map2.4 mi30, 40
Bruce FreemanMap24.2 mi610, 520
CanalsideMap3.6 mi90, 110
Cape CodMap28.5 mi690, 670
Cape Cod Canal BwyMap6.7 mi80, 80
CenterMap0.7 mi50, 0
Chelsea GwyMap0.6 mi10, 10
Chickadee (aka Athol Branch)Map2.3 mi70, 90
Clinton Mass CentralMap1.2 mi30, 30
Clipper CityMap2.7 mi50, 50Good
CochituateMap3.3 mi110, 70
Collins Cove3★0.7 mi10, 10Good
Columbia GwyMap3 mi100, 40
Concord River GwyMap0.4 mi20, 0
Connecticut RiverwalkMap3.7 mi50, 50
Danvers4★5.1 mi110, 90Good
Danvers Connector3★1.2 mi10, 20Rough
East Boston Gwy5★2.0 mi20, 20Good
Fitchburg CutoffMap0.8 mi0, 0
GrovelandMap2.0 mi80, 10
Ghost Trail4★2.6 mi80, 60Good
Gilbertville Mass CentralMap0.6 mi40, 10
HaggetsMap1.6 mi20, 30
Hanover BranchMap2.7 mi40, 80
Holden Mass Central Map1.9 mi50, 130
HousatonicMap2.8 mi80, 180
Jay McLarenMap1.9 mi30, 80
ManhanMap7.3 mi180, 130
Manhan East SpurMap2.3 mi50, 70
Mansfield WWII Vet MemMap1.6 mi0, 20
Marblehead3★3.4 mi90, 70Good
Marshfield NorthMap3.4 mi60, 90
Marshfield SouthMap0.7 mi30, 10
Mary V FlynnMap0.8 mi40, 30
MattapoisettMap5.4 mi140, 120
Metacomet WrenthamMap3.4 mi140, 100
MethuenMap2.3 mi10, 70
MiddletonMap3 mi30, 50
Minuteman BwyMap10 mi180, 280
Minuteman Bwy SpurMap0.2 mi0, 0
Nashua RiverMap12.2 mi390, 350
Neponset TrailMap3.6 mi70, 90
Newton Upper Falls GwyMap0.9 mi40, 10
NissitissitMap1.3 mi10, 20
North BrookfieldMap1.2 mi10, 120
North Central PathwayMap5.2 mi180, 110
NorthamptonMap5.7 mi90, 340
Northern Strand4★9.6 mi120, 140Good
NortonMap4.9 mi60, 100
Norwottuck Rail TrailMap10.6 mi170, 190
Oakdale Mass Central Map3.6 mi50, 210
Old ColonyMap7.5 mi230, 230
Old Colony NatureMap1.7 mi40, 50
Old Eastern Marsh Trail4★3.8 mi40, 90Good
Peabody Independence Gwy3★6.0 mi100, 90Good
PlainvilleMap0.7 mi0, 20
Plymouth Bike PathMap0.9 mi10, 10
Quequechan RiverMap2 mi10, 20
Quinebaug ValleyMap3.8 mi50, 40
Red Line PathMap2.2 mi20, 30
RedstoneMap1.6 mi20, 20
Reformatory Branch TrailMap3.9 mi70, 20
Russell Bird SancturyMap0.6 mi30, 40
Salem Bike Path3★10.7 mi170, 210Good
Shining Sea BwyMap10.7 mi170, 210
Somerville Community PathMap1.4 mi30, 20
Southern NE Trunkline (SNETT)Map22.9 mi700, 920
SouthwickMap6.2 mi150, 130
Spenser DepotMap1.7 mi30, 130
Squannacook RiverMap1.8 mi20, 40
Sterling Mass CentralMap2 mi20, 50
Stony BrookMap2.4 mi120, 100
SW Corridor ParkMap3.8 mi70, 40
Topsfield3★5.9 mi50, 100Good
Tri Community GwyMap2.1 mi130, 30
Twin CitiesMap3.7 mi50, 90
Upper CharlesMap9.2 mi290, 210
Upper Charles WestMap4.2 mi80, 160
Wachusett Mass CentralMap11.8 mi690, 480
Ware North Mass Central Map2.8 mi50, 110
Ware River CentralMap2.4 mi50, 20
Ware River NorthMap6 mi180, 120
Ware River SouthMap12.9 mi150, 440
Ware South Mass Central Map1.6 mi50, 60
Watertown Linear ParkMap0.3 mi0, 20
Watertown-Cambridge GwyMap2.2 mi40, 20
Wayland-Weston Mass CentralMap8.5 mi210, 290
Webster SouthMap1.4 mi50, 40
West BridgewaterMap0.8 mi10, 20
Westville Grand TrunkMap3 mi180, 230
Wheelwright Mass Central Map2.7 mi60, 50
Whitney SpurMap2.5 mi50, 40
WinchendonMap2.8 mi90, 60Good

Good: Asphalt or hardpack trail conditions
OK: Occasionally rough surface
Rough: Hiking & mountain/rugged bikes
Gain: Elevation gain (ft) moving West to East or North to South. Second number is return gain.

Flat and wide trails criss-cross the state through woodland, past ponds, along rivers, over historic bridges and between charming small towns. Often separated from road traffic by miles, these routes once carried steam trains but now offer tranquility and a way to explore New England like never before.

We're on a mission to explore and review every rail trail featured on our map, where we provide detailed information on each route including mapping and photography. Check out our latest rail trail reviews here. Our rail trail maps are a combination of desktop research and fieldwork. Be aware that information on any rail trails that we've not yet reviewed should be regarded as approximate and subject to clarification. Follow Trailspotting to be notified as we continue to review New England's rail trails.

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