Fire Towers of Maine

. Fire Towers of Maine
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We've located all fire towers known to be still standing in New England, mapped and categorized them based on the interests of trail users. Click on the map icons for links to trails that access many of the towers. Select a state from the buttons above the map for lists, coordinates, directions and trail review links. Consider following Trailspotting to be notified as we add new trail reviews.

Some fire towers are safe to climb, though you're likely to find the cabin atop the towers locked. Please respect locked gates and posted signs and do not climb any fire tower that may be unsafe. Also, Maine fire tower locations in particular can be in very remote areas away from roads, settlements and cellphone service and require significant safety precautions.

Fire Tower List:
Name & LocationCoordinatesTrail Review
Agamenticus Mt43.223733,-70.6926704★ Trail
Allagash Mt46.292126,-69.568354
Almanac Mt45.343193,-68.093237
Ararat Mt43.940495,-69.959523
Bald Mt (aka Oquossoc)44.943543,-70.775572
Barren Mt45.415881,-69.370328
Blue Mt44.728114,-70.342010
Beetle Mt46.288373,-69.026777
Beech Mt44.310832,-68.345082
Big Moose Mt45.484063,-69.711546
Big Spencer Mt45.775701,-69.443120
Chase Hill44.829363,-69.545111
Coburn Mt45.468608,-70.126404
Day Hill44.965662,-67.649156
Deasey Mt45.941411,-68.685532
Deboullie Mt46.970594,-68.875877
Flagstaff Mt45.241150,-70.306260
Grand Lake Stream45.185922,-67.774461
Green Mt45.951346,-70.122498
Hardwood Mt45.439844,-70.332590
Hope Mt43.418427,-70.800096
Horseshoe Mt46.589751,-68.998074
Howe Brook Mt46.296437,-68.162806
Johnston Hill44.013773,-69.429849
Kelly Mt45.056615,-69.735465
Kibby Mt45.418740,-70.544350
Kineo Mt45.699794,-69.733763
Little Russell Mt46.119757,-69.768674
Littles Mt44.852741,-67.159831
Milton Mt (aka Mitten Mt)44.722240,-67.668224
Musquash Mt45.388784,-67.796445
Nulhedus Mt46.035479,-69.869355
Number 4 Mt45.613375,-69.407743
Number 5 Mt45.501158,-70.386915
Number 9 Mt46.422325,-68.023648
Oak Hill46.365846,-68.386415
Old Speck Mt44.570812,-70.953674
Ossipee Hill43.587717,-70.739343
Peekaboo Mt45.746326,-67.879919
Pisgah Mt44.306101,-70.023931
Pleasant Mt44.027039,-70.822349
Ragged Mt45.584516,-68.892279
Rocky Mt47.191765,-69.281560
Ross Mt46.547019,-69.764386
Round Pond Mt46.794407,-69.233170
Schoodic Mt44.573356,-68.146900
Snow Mt45.291476,-70.709240
Soubunge Mt45.975555,-69.195772
Squapan Mt46.570796,-68.199962
Stockholm Mt47.042886,-68.115286
Streaked Mt44.250115,-70.422915
Three Brooks Mt46.993390,-68.479160
Trundy Point43.579130,-70.213429
Tumbledown Mt44.750892,-70.547290
Whitney Hill45.658870,-68.187469
Williams Mt45.553959,-70.008248
York Hill44.596770,-69.973550

We use our own on-the-ground data where available, supplemented by desktop reviews of aerial imagery. Sometimes we're also informed by other sites including ExpertGPS, the Forest Fire Lookout Association and Wilderlist. We cannot guarantee location accuracy of items on this map, nor can we confirm which towers are publicly accessible. We welcome feedback to improve our maps.

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• External Links: ExpertGPS, Forest Fire Lookout Association, Wilderlist

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