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Fire Towers of Vermont

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Fire towers have been protecting Vermont for over a century, and despite advances in fire detection technology some still operate today. We've compiled a list of fire towers located throughout the state that can still be visited today, including many that can be climbed and used as viewing positions. We're also providing links to our fire tower trail reviews as they become available. Note that we've not yet visited all fire towers on this list and cannot confirm whether they are publicly accessible.

Fire Tower List:
Fire Tower & LocationLatLonTrailspotting
Bald Mt44.766126-71.98832
Bear Hill44.042839-72.6340181
Belvidere Mt44.7732657-72.5509791
Burke Mt44.570653-71.8929366
Gile Mt43.7890556-72.3515862
Glastenbury Mt42.977637-73.071762
Killington Peak43.60456-72.8203006
Monadnock Mt44.8974123-71.5447247
Mt Ascutney43.4443371-72.4540982Trail
Mt Elmore44.5263793-72.5460546
Mt Olga42.8508114-72.803176
Okemo Mt43.4041382-72.7516518
Spruce Mt44.234588-72.355153
Stratton Mt43.0862146-72.9249657

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