Fire Towers of Vermont

. Fire Towers of Vermont
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We've located all fire towers known to be still standing in New England, mapped and categorized them based on the interests of trail users. Click on the map icons for links to trails that access many of the towers. Select a state from the buttons above the map for lists, coordinates, directions and trail review links. Consider following Trailspotting to be notified as we add new trail reviews.

Some fire towers are safe to climb, though you're likely to find the cabin atop the towers locked. Please respect locked gates and posted signs and do not climb any fire tower that may be unsafe.

Name & LocationCoordinatesTrailspotting
Ascutney Mt43.4443371,-72.45409825★ Trails
Bald Mt44.766126,-71.98832
Bear Hill44.042839,-72.6340181
Belvidere Mt44.7732657,-72.5509791
Burke Mt44.570653,-71.8929366
Elmore Mt44.5263793,-72.5460546
Gile Mt43.7890556,-72.3515862
Glastenbury Mt42.977637,-73.071762
Killington Peak43.60456,-72.8203006
Monadnock Mt44.8974123,-71.5447247
Okemo Mt43.4041382,-72.7516518
Olga Mt42.8508114,-72.803176
Spruce Mt44.234588,-72.355153
Stratton Mt43.0862146,-72.9249657

We use our own on-the-ground data where available, supplemented by desktop reviews of aerial imagery. Sometimes we're also informed by other sites including the website of the Forest Fire Lookout Association. We cannot guarantee location accuracy of items on this map, nor can we confirm which towers are publicly accessible. We welcome feedback to improve our maps.

• Trailspotting: Latest fire tower trail reviews
• External Links: Forest Fire Lookout Association

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