Mt Agamenticus, York ME

• 3 & 4-star hikes
• 0.8 to 1.8 mile loops
• Easy difficulty | Gain 60 to 340 feet
• York, ME | Maine
• Driving Directions: Loop, Big A

Walking along the accessible and picturesque Big A Loop trail.

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Diminutive though its 692 foot peak might be, the prominence of Mount Agamenticus was once mighty enough to be a landmark for sailors off the coast of Maine in pre-GPS days. Today's visitors to the mountain's wide domed summit will find themselves looking out from this area's highest point, identifying lighthouses and on the clearest of days even the tall buildings of Boston. The Mount Agamenticus Conservation Region is an important coastal region forest, hosting one of the greatest concentrations of plant and animal species in the state. Our focus in this article are two trails that access the largest peak in the park, though there are other trails available that offer further explorations of the coastal forest and two more peaks.

The route we've identified as Agamenticus Loop begins at the large Mountain Road parking area, utilizes sections of the rocky mountain-biking worthy Ring Trail, and reaches the summit by the short Blueberry Bluff trail with only a moderate hill climb.

Agamenticus Loop, Big A Loop Expand Map

Agamenticus Loop 3★
1.8 mi loop, Easy, Gain 340 feet
Trailspotting Map at AllTrails

Big A Loop 4★
0.8 mi loop, Easy, Gain 60 feet
Trailspotting Map at AllTrails

The Big A Loop is a new wide, smooth gravel trail suitable for all visitors including those requiring wheelchairs or using strollers. Accessible from the parking lot and trailhead at the top of the mountain, the Big A Loop winds around Mount Agamenticus' summit and providing excellent views all around. The trail is named for local's nickname for this mountain, and also the name of the ski area that existed here from 1964 to 1974. The former summit ski lodge is now a learning center and gift shop, and the old ski-lift infrastructure still can be spotted slowly rusting away on the north east slope.

Also located on the summit of the mountain is the Mt Agamenticus Fire Tower, a structure erected in 1941 replacing previous structures that have been on the site since 1918. Though the frame of the fire tower remains sound, the cabin was removed in 2019 for safety reasons. Unfortunately the fire tower is fenced-off and cannot be climbed at this time.

Identifying landmarks from the summit of Mount Afamenticus.

The decapitated 1941 fire tower. | Models marking visible landmarks.

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