New Hampshire's 52 With A View

. Welch Mountain, New Hampshire White Mountains

Established by the Over The Hill Hikers, the New Hampshire 52 With A View list of peaks showcases some of the best scenic views in the state.

We've created a map that shows not only the 52 peaks but also illustrated preferred routes to reach them. Routes are listed below in order of mileage and includes links to downloadable maps. As Trailspotting explores and review each trail we also add links to our own trail reviews featuring descriptions, photography and more mapping. This list and map will be refined if we find more optimal routes or if conditions change. All mileages and elevation gains listed on this page are total and includes return trips on out-and-back routes. If you're also tackling the NH 4,000 Footers list be sure to see our notes at the end of the article.

Mount Kearsarge
Mt Kearsarge
• 1 mi 0300ft: Trailspotting
• Several options up to 9 mi 2120ft
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Middle Sugarloaf Mt
• 3 mi 0890ft: AllTrails
• 3 mi 1070ft: AllTrails inc N Sugarloaf
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Mt Willard
• 3 mi 0900ft: AllTrails
Mount Cardigan
Mt Cardigan
• 3 mi 1180ft: Trailspotting
• Several options up to 5 mi 1860ft
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Mt Avalon
• 3 mi 1530ft: AllTrails
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Blueberry Mt
• 4 mi 1280ft: AllTrails Long Pond Rd
• 6 mi 1480ft: AllTrails Page Rd
Stinson Mountain
Stinson Mt
• 4 mi 1350ft: Trailspotting
Mt Monadnock
Mt Monadnock
• 3 mi 1740ft: Trailspotting
• Every option up to 8 mi 1940ft
Mt Pemigewasset
Mt Pemigewasset
• 4 mi 1250ft: Trailspotting
• Several options up to 5 mi 1535ft
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Table Mt
• 4 mi 1380ft: AllTrails
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Potash Mt
• 4 mi 1390ft: AllTrails
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Black Mt
• 4 mi 1600ft: AllTrails Reported best route.
• 4 mi 1270ft: AllTrails
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Mt Israel
• 4 mi 1760ft: AllTrails
• 6 mi 1360ft: AllTrails
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North Doublehead
• 4 mi 1710ft: AllTrails CCW reportedly best.
• Alt New Path down from South Doublehead
Welch Mountain, New Hampshire
Welch, Dickey Mts
• 4 mi 1770ft: Trailspotting
Imp Ledges
Imp Ledges
• 4 mi 1790ft: AllTrails
Owlhead at Cherry Mountain
Cherry Mt
• 4 mi 1850ft: Trailspotting
• 5 mi 2400ft: Spur to Owlhead (best view)
placeholder graphic
Webster Mt
• 4 mi 2020ft: AllTrails
• 6 mi 2700ft: AllTrails Alt Webster Cliffs
placeholder graphic
North Percy Mt
• 4 mi 2150ft: AllTrails
• South Peak adds 0.5 mi 310ft.
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Sugarloaf Mt
• 4 mi 2170ft: AllTrails
Mount Roberts
Mt Roberts
• 5 mi 1330ft: Trailspotting
• Options up to 10 mi 1650ft
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Hedgehog Mt
• 5 mi 1400ft: AllTrails
Mount Morgan
Mts Morgan, Percival
• 5 mi 1550ft: Trailspotting
placeholder graphic
Mt Cube
• 5 mi 1600ft: AllTrails inc spur to viewpoint
• 7 mi 2160ft: AllTrails Alt on Cube Trail
• 8 mi 2240ft: AllTrails Alt on Kodak Trail
placeholder graphic
Mt Success
• 5 mi 1990ft: AllTrails
• 7 mi 2160ft: Including Outlook and views beyond summit.
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South Moat Mt
• 6 mi 2130ft: AllTrails
• 7 mi 2310ft: Above, adding Middle Moat Mt
• 11 mi 3560ft: AllTrails Add North Moat Mt (52WAV)
Mt Starr King
Mt Starr King
• 5 mi 2300ft: Trailspotting
• 7 mi 2750ft: Continue to Mt Waumbek (NH4K Peak)
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Mt Hayes
• 7 mi 1830ft: AllTrails
• 7 mi 2050ft: AllTrails
• Do both with 5.4 mi bicycle (300ft gain either way)
placeholder graphic
Pine Mt
• 6 mi 1840ft: AllTrails
placeholder graphic
Mt Tremont
• 6 mi 2540ft: AllTrails
placeholder graphic
Mt Kearsarge North
• 6 mi 2590ft: AllTrails
• 11 mi 2740ft: AllTrails Alt route from east.
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Mt Magalloway
• 7 mi 1340ft: AllTrails Inc 2.5 mi ea way rough road
• Road passable by high clearance vehicles.
• Bobcat Trail (south) seems to be best hiking.
placeholder graphic
Smarts Mt
• 7 mi 2200ft: AllTrails Lambert/Ranger loop
• 6 mi 1920ft: AllTrails Daniel Doan O&B (less used)
placeholder graphic
Mt Shaw
• 7 mi 2300ft: AllTrails
• 8 mi 2530ft: AllTrails Loop inc Big Ball
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The Horn
• 7 mi 2310ft: AllTrails Mill Brook Rd
• 9 mi 2400ft: AllTrails York Pond Rd
• 10 mi 3170ft: AllTrails Cabot Loop from York Pond Rd
Viewpoint on Sandwich Mountain Trail
Sandwich Mt & Jennings Peak
• 7 mi 2690ft: Trailspotting
• 8 mi 2740ft: Optional part-loop Drakes Brook Tr
placeholder graphic
Mt Parker
• 7 mi 2720ft: AllTrails
• 9 mi 3460ft: Add Mt Langdon
• Cave Mt Spur adds 0.7 mi 420ft
placeholder graphic
Roger's Ledge
• 8 mi 1840ft: AllTrails
• 9 mi 2950ft: AllTrails via Unknown Pond
placeholder graphic
Mts Chocorua, Middle Sister
• 8 mi 2400ft: AllTrails (Bee Line return is 10/3363)
• 9 mi 3010ft: AllTrails adding Middle Sister
• 10 mi 3060ft: AllTrailsCarter & Hammond (CCW)
placeholder graphic
Eastman Mt
• 8 mi 2580ft: AllTrails
placeholder graphic
Mt Paugus
• 8 mi 2830ft: AllTrails Cabin Trail
• 8 mi 2460ft: AllTrails Kelley Tr (less popular)
• 7 mi 2190ft: AllTrails Bolles Trail (less maintenance)
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North Moat Mt
• 9 mi 2660ft: AllTrails Parking hard (Diana's Baths)
• 11 mi 3560ft: AllTrails Passaconaway Rd
placeholder graphic
Mts Crawford, Resolution, Stairs
• 10 mi 3390ft: AllTrails
placeholder graphic
Baldface N&S, Eagle
• 10 mi 3450ft: AllTrails CW preferred.
• Eagle Cragg requires a brief north spur.
placeholder graphic
Shelburne Moriah Mt
• 11 mi 3100ft: AllTrails
• Trailspotting: All NH 52 With A View trail reviews
• Trail Links: Official 52 With A View List

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