Frog Rock, New Boston

• 4-star hike
• 0.8 mile out-and-back
• Easy difficulty | Elevation nominal
• Merrimack Region | New Boston NH
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There's no shortage of rocks in New Hampshire, but some are celebrated with greater reverence than others. Granite staters still are having problems letting go of the Old Man Of The Mountain - the rocky feature that collapsed in 2003 - to the point that even now it's still celebrated on the state's vehicle licence plate.

Of course we're not about to suggest replacing the licence plate with a rock that looks like a bullfrog if you approach it at the right angle, as that would set expectations way too high for this short hike to a roadside curiosity set back in the New Boston woodland. We'd still suggest this as a diversion however if you're in the neighborhood.

Park off the side of the Francestown Turnpike just three miles out of Mont Vernon, and take a short walk along a forest road to reach this feature. You'll have to take a right turn off the trail to reach the forest setting for Frog Rock.

Slightly further up the road and to the left is another local feature - the ruins of the Read Brothers Farm. Check out our the link at the bottom of this article for the New Boston Historical Society's description of the farm, and for more on Frog Rock and its past.

Image from New Boston Historical Society collection.

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