Hedgehog Mountain, Deering NH

• 4-star hike
• 1.6 to 8.1 mile options
• Medium difficulty | Gain 397 to 770 feet
• Merrimack Region | Deering NH
• Driving Directions: Loop & Summit | Ridge

The trails of Hedgehog Mountain Forest in the town of Deering, NH offer great hiking and highly scenic views, so it’s a surprise that they are so rarely visited. You can correct this by checking out one of three routes on this ridgeline destination.

Loop Trail | 4★ | 3.9mi | Med | 646ft - The best medium-length trail. A short hike to the North end of the Hedgehog range will take you to some excellent views, then follow the ridgeline for more sporadic Southerly views of the Monadnocks and other distant mountains. If you want to bag the highest peak of Hedgehog hill, add a half-mile each way trek further down the Ridge Trail, South of the junction with Woods Road. Short bushwacking required to reach the unimpressive summit.

Summit Out & Back | 3★ | 1.6mi | Med | 397ft - A short hike to some great views at the Northern summit, then back the way you came.

Ridge Trail Out & Back | 4★ | 8.1mi | Med | 770ft - Wilson Hill on the High Five Reservation may surprise you with its rotund grassy summit and spectacular views of neighboring Crotched Mountain and distant Monadnock peaks. The trail continues downhill and through light forest before ascending up onto the ridgeline where more views are available

Should you prefer to enjoy the best views of the mountain, but without much of a hike then you're in luck - walk the first part of the Ridge Trail Out & Back which leads you to Wilson Hill and those spectacular views we mentioned above.

Hedgehog Mountain Forest trails are pleasingly easy to hike, with few rocks and roots to trip you up. There is one very short rock scramble along the ridgeline but it’s not likely to pose an obstacle for most. We categorize these trails as being on the easy side of medium difficulty.

Conditions appear mostly dry, with the notable exception of the bottom of Woods Road – the return part of the Loop Trail – which was waterlogged for us in December, though it was pretty easy to navigate around.

There's a formal trailhead and parking area for the Loop and Summit Trails. For the Ridge Trail the hike begins at the side of a quiet dirt road, with a number of parking opportunities.

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