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Montara Mountain, Pacifica CA

• 4-star hike
• 6.5 to 11.0 mile options
• Medium difficulty | Gain 1,650 to 2,180 feet
• SF Peninsula | Pacifica, CA
• Directions: San Pedro | North Peak | Grey Whale | Pedro Mt

If you’re looking for sun along the fog-bound San Francisco peninsula coastline, then Montara Mountain is the place to head for. Rising almost 2,000 feet above the beaches of Pacifica, here is where the sun often breaks through the clouds. Even when the sun continues to hide, there’s still a chance that by the time you hike to the summit you’ll be hiking above the clouds.

San Pedro Valley Park | 4★ | 6.5 mi | 1,650ft - Our favourite way up the mountain is also the most direct. Beginning at San Pedro Valley Park the narrow trail winds through eucalyptus forest then rocky coastal chapparal before linking half way up the North Peak Access Road. This approach up the northern flanks of the mountain offers some great coastal views of Pacifica and across the Golden Gate.

North Peak Access | 4★ | 7.8mi | 1,800ft Wide and steady, this winding service road provides a gradual climb up Montara Mountain with views of the appraoching peak.

Grey Whale Cove | 4★ | 8.9mi | 1,745ft - An alternative way of staring a North Peak Access Road hike, but with an extended preamble up and along some coastal hills. From the Grey Whale Cove trailhead some like to make their own route directly up the hill and shortcut the winding trail, but please be respectful of the landscape.

Pedro Mountain Road | 4★ | 11.0mi | 2,180ft - Before the Devils' Slide road in front of the coastal cliffs, and definitely before the digging of the Tom Lantos Tunnel, the Pedro Mountain Road was the only connection between Pacifica and Half Moon Bay, and the smaller settlements in between. Crumbling pavement still exists on this wide trail, before it connects up to the North Peak Access Road.

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San Pedro Valley Park | 4★ | 6.5 mi | 1,650ft - AllTrails | Directions
North Peak Access | 4★ | 7.8mi | 1,800ft - AllTrails | Directions
Grey Whale Cove | 4★ | 8.9mi | 1,745ft - AllTrails | Directions
Pedro Mountain Road | 4★ | 11.0mi | 2,180ft - AllTrails | Directions

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