Rail Trails of Rhode Island

. Rail Trails of Rhode Island
Rail trail, Access trail, Road bike, Live rail, Historic route.

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Flat and wide trails criss-cross the state through woodland, past ponds, along rivers, over historic bridges and between charming small towns. Often separated from road traffic by miles, these routes once carried steam trains but now offer tranquility and a way to explore New England like never before.

Rail Trails - Enjoyed daily by hikers, cyclists, horse riders and more. Choose a state from the top of the map and we have lists of all the rail trails complete with trail lengths, elevation gain, trail conditions and maps you can download to your phone.

dark gray icon Live Rail - Walking along railroad track is not only illegal but dangerous, including track that you might believe to be inactive.

light gray icon Historic Rail - Track may remain, or might have been removed decades ago. Some sections have been built over and others cross private property and are not accessible to the public. Traces of long-gone railroads can also be a valuable resource to help towns and trail planners identify and resurrect old railroad routes as new public parks and trails.

Trailspotting doesn't stop here. We are exploring every rail trail and providing individual rail trail reviews that include detailed route mapping and photography. Links to rail trail reviews for Rhode Island are shown below and you can see our latest rail trail reviews using the link at the bottom of the page.

Rail Trail Review Length Gain Cond
Arkwright-Phenix-HarrisMap1.1 mi10, 60
Blackstone RiverMap5.9 mi90, 140
East Bay Bike PathMap12.2160, 160
South CountryMap6.1160, 220
Stillwater ScenicMap1.120, 40
Trestle TrailMap2.2100, 40
Warren Bike PathMap0.850, 0
Washington SecondaryMap18.9260, 650
Woonasquatucket RiverMap1.610, 40

Gain - Elevation gain (ft) moving West to East or North to South. Second number is return gain.
Good - Asphalt or hardpack trail conditions
OK - Occasionally rough surface
Rough - Hiking & mountain/rugged bikes

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