Best Trails NH: Sunapee Region

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Best hiking trails Sunapee Region New Hampshire

Named for and centered upon Lake Sunapee, this region includes the towns of Claremont and Lebanon, several notable peaks and some of the most spectacular rail trails in the state. We list here our favourite trails of the region, summarized below with links to our trail reviews that feature photography and route maps that you can use on your phone for easy navigation. Did we miss your favorite trail? Let us know and we'll make sure to check it out.

Hiking Trails
Mount Sunapee Mount Sunapee 4★
Newbury, NH
1.3 to 9.7 miles, Medium difficulty, Gain 470 to 2420 feet | Four very different routes to the top of the same mountain, mapped out and compared. We also include a route to reach a 1949 airplane wreck.

Mount Cardigan New Hampshire Mount Cardigan 5★
Orange, NH
3.0 to 5.3 miles, Medium difficulty, Gain 1180 to 1860 feet | Topped with a squat fire tower, this summit has unparalleled views all the way to the horizon in every direction.

Mount Kearsarge New Hampshire Mount Kearsarge 4★
Wilmot, NH
1.0 to 8.7 miles, Easy & Medium difficulty, Gain 300 to 2,119 feet | Notice a trend here? Sunapee has some of the best peaks south of the White Mountains. Kearsarge is a great peak with some challenging trails, and also features a summit trail that's only half a mile from Rollins State Park trailhead.

Rail Trails
Northern Rail Trail New Hampshire Northern Rail Trail 5★
Lebanon - Boscawen, NH
58.0 miles each way, Easy difficulty | The epic New Hampshire Northern Rail Trail spans the rural center of New Hampshire, winding along river valleys, lake shores and between rolling hillsides. Tackle it all, or just a section of our trail based on our review and annotated elevation profile.
Sugar River Rail Trail 5★
Claremont - Newport, NH
9.5 to 11.3 miles each way, Medium & Hard difficulty | Among the most picturesque rail trails in New Hampshire, the shady Sugar River Rail Trail intertwines with the wide and fast-flowing river from which it is named, over several river crossings including steel truss bridges and historic covered railroad bridges.
Concord Lake Sunapee Rail Trail New Hampshire Concord-Lake Sunapee Rail Trail 4★
Newbury - Concord, NH
8.0 miles (in segments), Easy & Medium difficulty | The ambitious plan to reconnect Lake Sunapee with New Hampshire's capital city continues section by section. We map and review all of the sections available to explore today.

Trail Map
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