Andrew Brook Trail, Mt Sunapee

• 4-star hike
• 6 mile out-and-back • Medium difficulty
• Elevation gain 1,675 feet (1,335 - 2,276ft)
• Sunapee Region • Newbury NH
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A diversion to the 1949 AT-6 airplane crash site adds three miles to your round-trip distance.

Hiking up the unspoiled Eastern flanks of Mount Sunapee and through maple forest, this trail steadily negotiates a shallow valley carved by Andrew Brook until it reaches its source, the picturesque highland Lake Solitude.

Extending further, the trail ascends to White Ledges which at 2,716 feet of elevation is the second highest peak of Mount Sunapee. It then continues without much change in altitude across to the 2,726 foot high main peak, decorated as it is with ski buildings and chairlift equipment.

Maple sap, on tap.

Although the peaks of the mountain are shrouded by trees, the highlights of this trail are the lake, Eastern views at White Cliff overlook, and some views towards Lake Sunapee as you approach the main summit.

The trail up the mountain is rocky and tree-root strewn. A couple of stream crossings and parts of the trail close to the summits can get muddy at times. Also, when operational the ski resort will make it difficult to complete the last quarter mile but by that point you’ve already seen the best the trail has to offer.

Lake Solitude, still mostly iced over in early April.

We were drawn to this hike not only for the lake and mountain, but also after learning about the 1949 AT-6 airplane crash that sadly struck the Southern face of the mountain and killing its single occupant. Much of the airplane debris remains, though it is not located on any trail.

Should you want to visit the site of the airplane crash, we have identified the location on our map. We reached the site by taking the first mile of the Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Trail South from Lake Solitude, then bushwhacking across light forest due West for around twenty minutes on mostly level terrain. This detour will add three miles and toughly 400 foot of elevation gain to your six mile out-and-back hike. Be aware of the risks of bushwhacking - we spotted a bunch of moose scat between trail and airplane, so be prepared.

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