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SRK Greenway, Sunapee NH

• 4-star hike
• 76 mile circuit | 3.2 to 8.3 mile sections
• Medium difficulty | Gain 370 to 1,860 feet
• Newbury - Andover, NH | Sunapee Region
• Driving Directions: Links below

Mountains of Sunapee, Ragged and Kearsarge.

Connecting the mountains of Sunapee, Ragged and Kearsarge with seventy six miles of trails across mountains, around lakes and past historical sites, the volunteer SRKG organization have laid out an epic New Hampshire hiking route.

The best information on the SRK Greenway will always been the organization's SRK Greenway Website which includes detailed maps per section and the option to purchase a Tyvek coated paper map. Since we're working on completing this route ourselves we thought we'd lay out the route on a single map with convenient downloads and links to reviews as we complete each section.

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SRK Greenway Complete:
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Trail Sections (Clockwise, from Newbury Harbor):
• 01: To Old Province Rd | 5.7mi, 1,860ft | 4★ Review | Parking
- Combine Newbury and Summit trails. No road hiking.
• 02: To Sunapee Office | 7.5mi, 650ft | 4★ Review | Parking
- 2.8 mi road hiking, mostly at Old Province Rd end.
• 03: To Deer Hill Road | 7.2mi, 1,070ft, Parking
• 04: To Springfield Rd | 4.1mi, 570ft, Parking
• 05: To Great Brook Br | 8.2mi, 1,100ft, Parking
• 06: To NH Route 4A | 3.2mi, 860ft, Parking
• 07: To Wilmot Center | 4.2mi, 850ft, Parking
• 08: To New Canada Rd | 4.1mi, 550ft, Parking
• 09: To Proctor Academy | 6.3mi, 1,820ft | 4★ Review | Parking
• 10: To Winslow SP | 5.9mi, 1,360ft, Parking
- Combine Ridge Trail and Andover Trail. No road hiking.
• 11: To Kearsarge Valley Rd | 5.9mi, 1,180ft | 5★ Review | Parking
- Combine Barlow and Lincoln trails. No road hiking.
• 12: To Wadleigh SP | 4.0mi, 370ft, Parking
• 13: To Chalk Pond Rd | 5.3mi, 950ft, Parking
• 14: To Newbury Harbor | 4.5mi, 650ft, Parking

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The SKRG Coalition
The Sunapee Ragged Kearsarge Greenway Coalition maintain the greenway and improve its pathways with help from volunteers.
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