Everett Dam & Weare Rail Trails NH

• 3-star trails
• 3.5 miles each way (over 3 trails)
• Medium difficulty | Easy - Moderate elevation
• Weare - Henniker, NH | Merrimack Region
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Biking on Everett Dam. Trail is visible to the left of the lake.

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The Great 1938 Hurricane that hit Southern New England by surprise one fall day caused much devestation and the resulting floods were a nail in the coffin of many a railroad line. The construction of new dams as part of the Hopkinton-Everett Lakes Flood Risk Management Project ensures that the Merrimack Valley no longer experiences such devestation, but resulted abandoning much land to potential flood plains including the entire town of East Weare.

Today we can still travel on sections of the railroad alignment between the towns of Weare and Henniker, including the location of the former East Weare station on the southern banks of the Piscataquog River.

Hardpack, No Access, Parking Expand Map

Colby to North Weare 3★
0.6 mi ea way, Easy, Elevation nominal
Trailspotting Map: AllTrails, GPX File

North of Everett Dam. Possibly a route only of interest to completists, the section we've identified on our map is now a dirt road serving occasional remote residential property. We found an overbridge on Colby Crossing Road with track bed underneath; in a state of disrepair, but a rare reminder of old railroad infrastructure. We found this section on a ride from Henniker along the old Bennett Road - now closed and part of the floodplain - but freely navigable by bicycles. We've marked this linking route in blue on our main rail trails map.

Trail Conditions:
Hardpack dirt road with very occasional motor vehicle use. Flat trail.

Colby Crossing Bridge, between Weare and Henniker

Everett Dam and East Weare 3★
2.0 mil ea way, Medium, Elevation nominal
Trailspotting Map: AllTrails, GPX File

Begin at the large US Army Corps of Engineers parking lot, travelling along the crest of the Everett Dam to reach the former railroad line which now runs alongside Everet Lake, taking a left turn towards the former location of East Weare station and terminating at the demolished railroad river bridge location. This is a very enjoyable and picturesque route along the lake and through woodland.

We did find further evidence of the continuing railroad line on the other side of the river in the woods by East Weare Road (overgrown) and Concord Stage Road (flooded) but nothing that is currently navigable. Between Concord Stage Road and the Colby section described below, the railroad route is clearly visible on aerial images but was far too waterlogged to proceed.

Also, check out the Raymond Cliff talus caves on the West flanks of Everett Lake. After descending the trail from the top of the dam, look out for informal trails on the left that disappear into the woodland. Among the trees are the rocks of a cliff-fall that you'll have to navigate around before you find these hidey-holes. More information here.

Trail Conditions:
Hardpack surface except for 0.4 asphalt on top of dam. Some shallow sand next to the lake. Mostly flat, except for 60 ft dam height differential.

New Hampshire Fall at Everett Dam.

Sargeant Station Rd 3★
0.9 mi ea way, Easy, Elevation nominal
Trailspotting Map: AllTrails, GPX File

South of Everett Dam. At River Road the railroad alignment is now Seargant Station Road. Drive up the road until a gate blocks your path, after which you'll have to proceed on foot or bicycle. The trail is as straight as an arrow, heading almost due north. Conditions are good, though there is a single short patch of gravel that isn't particularly friendly to bicycles. Although the alignment continues on almost to Clough Park Road the route is privately owned after 0.9 miles, which is very evident when you reach the sand quarry on private property.

Trail Conditions:
Hardpack, with a single short patch of gravel. Flat trail.

Sargeant Station Road rail trail.

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