Pulpit Rock & Joppa Hill, Bedford NH

• 3-star hike
• 2 to 9 mile options
• Medium difficulty | Gain 230 to 740 feet
• Bedford, NH | Merrimack Region
. A person walking on a footbridge in a serene forest. The bridge crosses a still water body, reflecting the surrounding trees and rocks. Expand Map

RED 3★ Pulpit Road Loop
2.3 mi loop, medium, gain 270 ft
AllTrails · GPX File · Directions
PURPLE 3★ New Boston Road Loop
2.5 mi loop, medium, gain 230 ft
AllTrails · GPX File · Directions
dark gray icon 3★ All Area Trails
2.3 to 8.5 mi, medium, gain 230 to 740 ft
AllTrails · GPX File

Pulpit Rock Conservation Area in Bedford, NH is a nature preserve that features a small rocky gorge, several ponds and small waterfalls. Offering several miles of woodland trails, we've mapped them out and recommend the best routes to take. The gorge was created during the last ice age, cut out of the bedrock it is a large pothole carved by an 80ft waterfall that fell from the edge of the glacial ice sheet.

Connected by the Pulpit Brook Trail, these trails also lead south to the Joppa Hill Educational Farm which welcomes walk-ins and is free to enter. Kids particularly will get a kick from feeding and petting the animals, and a farm stand offers locally made products.

We've included a link to a full trail map for those who would prefer to create their own adventures at Pulpit Rock and Joppa Hill. Note that a walk around the moderately easy Joppa Hill loop behind the farm is 1.9 miles and 210 ft elevation gain. Also the connecting Pulpit Brook Trail is 0.9 miles long each way and is mostly flat. Campbell Trail is 0.6 miles long, but offers fewer interesting features and landscapes than the Ravine Trail.

A person walking on a footbridge in a serene forest. The bridge crosses a still water body, reflecting the surrounding trees and rocks.
Reflections on the Ravine Trail by Pulpit Rock.

3★ Pulpit Road Loop: This is our favorite route in the park that begins with a walk down Gage's Mill Trail and finds the Ravine Trail that leads to the bottom of the area of Pulpit Rock. Consider the circuit of trails around this area before returning on the unremarkable Tufts Trail. Expect to find a few muddy sections of trail and some rugged parts particularly along Ravine Trail. Closing the loop at the end of the Tufts Trail does require crossing the brook next to the stonework of a long-gone bridge. There is a moderately large parking area next to the trailhead.

3★ New Boston Road Loop: We'd recommend a counter-clockwise route around the loop, beginning with Tufts so that you can approach Pulpit Rock via the rugged winding Ravine Trail. You'll still need to tackle the brook crossing, which will be difficult for folk with ambulatory issues.

a person walking towards a large boulder in a forest with an uneven floor covered in fallen leaves, roots, and small plants. Tall trees surround the area, and a red trail marker on one of the trees indicates a path.
An erratic on the rustic Campbell trail.

• Official: Pupit Rock, Joppa Hill Farm
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• Public Map at AllTrails: Campbell & Tufts, New Boston Rd, Joppa Hill Farm

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