Londonderry Rail Trail, NH

• 4-star trail
• 4.5 miles each way
• Easy difficulty | Elevation gain nominal
• Merrimack Region | Londonderry NH
• Driving Directions: North | Sanborn | Park & Ride

The start of the Londonderry Trail by Manchester Airport.

Londonderry Trailway's rail trail efforts along the former 1850's Concord Railroad alignment continues to expand, and with each expansion the trail becomes even more popular. With the recent extension Northbound to Manchester Airport the trail now boasts 4.5 miles of continuous asphalt paving, making it smooth going for the walkers, bikers and families enjoying the woodland trail.

The trail mostly travels through woodland, past Little Cohas Brook Reservoir and alongside an occasional creek. As with most rail trails the gradient is mostly flat and what elevation change there is is hardly noticeable. There is some road traffic noise at the half way point as you pass under then alongside the I-93 freeway, but it soon fades as you continue on your way.

Those curious about the area's history will enjoy the interpretative signs around Londonderry Village where the trail intersects with Mammoth Road. They tell the story of the grain and lumber company fire and its effects on the local area. The tall brick chimney still exists to this day.

Cyclist alongside Little Cohas Brook Reservoir.

If you're running or on a bicycle, please slow down and take care to pass other trail users as this trail can get busy, particularly on weekends. It always surprises us how many folk like to dart out in front of us without looking around, or walk with loud headphones drowning out their surroundings.

Beyond the asphalt paved trail South of Rockingham Road the old rail bed continues and connects with the paved Derry Rail Trail just a mile later. More adventurous folk may like to continue along this rough route either by foot or on a rugged bicycle. Expect hardpack ground with bunny hills, muddy patches and a creek crossing that when we visited was spanned by a rudimentary bridge. We used this connection to ride all the way to Windham junction and back in an afternoon.

The trail developers have plans to eventually pave this section and connect to the Derry Rail Trail. Also under development is a design to continue Londonderry Rail Trail in the Northerly direction for a further mile, linking with the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire and bringing the trail closer to the South Manchester Trail. Londonderry Trailways are asking for donations and volunteers to help them complete these efforts.

Trail Conditions:
Asphalt trail popular with bikers, walkers, strollers alike. Gradient is negligible at 22 feet per mile, descending in the Northwesterly direction. Rough 1.0 mile section between Londonderry and Derry Rail Trails is navigable by foot or by rugged bike, but some patches of mud exist and there's a rudimentary creek crossing.

The rough trail separating Londonderry and Derry Rail Trails.

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Asphalt, Rough, Road, Historic.

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Londonderry Trailways needs your support to maintain and extend trails around the Londonderry area. See their website to find out how you can help.

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