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Tilly Wheeler Rail Trail, Bradford NH

• 3-star trail
• 0.6 miles each way
• Easy difficulty | Easy elevation
• Bradford, NH | Sunapee Region
• Driving Directions: Bradford Town Hall

Crossing Lake Todd, with Mount Sunapee in the distance.

One of the shortest trails you'll find on our website, the Tilly Wheeler Rail Trail also offers quite the variety of scenery of attractions. From woodland to lakes, distant mountain views, fitness apparatus and eateries.

After parking at Bradford Town Hall head up the quiet Church Street to find the start of the Tilly Wheeler Trail and head West from here. Before you do so, take a quick look to the East - the former rail route used to run where Route 103 now stands and Bradford Station once served passengers by the intersection with Main Street.

Hardpack, Access, Historic.

Tilly Wheeler Rail Trail 3★
0.6 mi ea way, Easy, Elevation nominal.
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This short trail through Whitman Park has been enjoyed by locals for decades and features several fitness obstacles along its route. Now part of the growing Concord-Lake Sunapee Rail Trail project, the route has been extended further West, running parallel to Route 103 across Lake Todd. As you cross the lake, it's clear that the project is edging closer its destination; evidenced by a visible Mount Sunapee in the middle distance. Trailspotting has a guide to all publicly accessible sections of the Concord-Lake Sunapee Rail Trail project linked at the bottom of this page.

Trail Conditions: Hardpack trail throughout. Some occasionally muddy patches at the East end. Flat trail.

A cutting at the East end of Tilly Wheeler Trail.

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