Federal Hill Fire Tower, Milford NH

• 3-star hike
• 0.7 mile out-and-back
• Easy difficulty | Gain 160 feet
• Milford, NH | Monadnock Region
• Driving Directions: Trailhead

It's only a short hike to the Federal Hill Fire Tower near Milford NH.

Still used to this day at times of high fire risk, to monitor the hills and mountains of Southern New Hampshire, this 75 foot tower rises just far enough above the trees atop Federal Hill to provide a 360 degree view. Although the tower's cabin is closed to the public the structure can still be climbed and there are some great views to be had from here. I'm guessing by the amount of artistry daubed on the framing and boards of the fire tower that the local kids agree, and use this as a hangout spot.

The trail to reach the summit of Federal Hill is a short service track starting at Ponemah Hill Road, which makes for easy conditions. Being sure not to block the gate, there is only room for a couple of vehicles at the trailhead and depending on your vehicle you may want to check your clearance as you park.

Federal Hill Expand Map

Federal Hill Fire Tower 3★
0.7mi, Easy, Gain 60ft
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Federal Hill fire tower is one of around 27 standing fire towers in NH. The state has a Fire Tower Quest Patch and program available, and this fire tower is one of 15 included on its list. See Trailspotting's Fire Tower List for a map of all standing New Hampshire fire towers and links to fire towers that we've visited.

Goffstown's Uncanoonuc Mountains viewed from the Federal Hill Fire Tower.

Always pleased to find an accessible fire tower!

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