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Last updated: October 2021

From time to time we get asked about our bikes on the trail, so we thought we’d spill the beans and accompany this article with a list of equipment that we find either essential and useful.

We commonly ride Zizzo Via folding bikes on our rail trail journeys. We chose them since they are light, affordable, and allow us to get three of them in the trunk of our VW Jetta (without putting the back seats down). Buying these at around $300 each (sale prices at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond) was a no brainer for us, since it cost around the same amount just to buy and fit a decent bike rack to the car without even considering the cost of bikes themselves.

Despite the Via being one of the cheapest of the Zizzo range, it features the fenders and hybrid tires needed to handle terrain more rugged and muddy than the average street-going bike. My inaugral ride comprised 40 miles of mostly unpaved rail trail, which it handled without complaint despite lugging around a 6'2 and 220 pound lump of a human (me, that is; clearly not my wife pictured in the photo below). I've since covered a couple hundred miles on the stock Zizzo Via with no repairs or punctures so far - it even handled a rough forest walking trail, and a rutted and bumpy rail trail with no problems.

Zizzo Via folding bikes on the New Boston Rail Trail.

We're no experts on biking gear, but I hope this answers the questions we've been getting. To round things out we thought we'd list some equipment useful to folk starting out on their biking journey. Note that Trailspotting doesn't run ads or use affiliate links, so any links here are just to make your life a little easier.

Essential Gear:
• Bike Helmet
• Pump (this one fits the saddlebag below)
• Water Bottles & Cages
• Inner Tube Repair Kit
• Multitool
• Tire levers
• Replacement Tube (20" for Zizzo Via)
• Bell
• Lights (if riding at night)

More Gear:
• Bike fenders (already provided on Zizzo Via)
• Saddlebag (this one just manages to hold our pump, multitool, repair kit and spare tube)
• Padded cycling shorts
• Mirror
• Chain Lube
• Phone holder (this one is cheap and worked for me)

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