Fisher Mountain

• 4-star hike
• 3.8 mile out-and-back
• Hard difficulty | Elevation gain 1,330ft
• White Mountains | Thornton NH
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The round-topped Mount Fisher rising out over White Mountain National Forest.

One of the least known hikes in one of most famous East Coast hiking locations, Fisher Mountain promises a challenging climb and sweeping White Mountain vistas. Although this trail plays second-fiddle to the very popular neighbor that is the Welch-Dickey loop, Fisher Mountain offers some similar views, more challenges and a lot fewer people.

Click on our 'Navigate' link above to position you at the informal trailhead at the end of Millbrook Road, including a 2.4 mile stretch of unpaved road. You won't find any trailhead signs, but your starting point is easily identified by a forest road gate.

White Mountain views.

The first three-quarters of a mile is on an easy and shaded forest road, partly overgrown with long grasses and other vegetation. Enter woodland and continue on a well-defined and easy trail, past occasional muddy patches, until the way becomes steeper and brings you to your first granite slab.

Granite slabs are a defining feature of the rest of this hike. Although thirty-five degree slopes don't sound that steep, they're definitely hard on the legs, much harder in wet conditions, and potentially treacherous in icy situations. For us, the slabs were even harder coming back down. For this reason, we categorize this trail as hard.

Up to 35 degrees of mossy granite slope. Thankfully it was a dry day.

From the beginning of the granite you leave the shade of the forest behind, but you now get to marvel at the many expansive views at your back as you hike up at a consistent grade to the rounded summit of Fisher Mountain. The granite trail is well marked with blue flashes as you navigate through occasional patches of trees and across parking-lot size rock expanses. Rock scrambling is minimal, although there is one small crevasse to negotiate. If you want more, there is reportedly a continuing 0.9 mile trail up to the 2,770 foot summit of Hogback Mountain though it is apparently overgrown and our cursory investigation came up with nothing.

Note that drone photography is prohibited some areas of White Mountain National Forest. No rules were violated in the creation of this article.

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