Mt Moosilauke, White Mountains NH

• 5-star hike
• 7.4 to 7.9 mile options
• Medium difficulty | Gain 2,470 to 2,570 feet
• Benton, NH | White Mountains
• Driving Directions: Trailhead

Mountain ridgeline carpeted with green trees. Moosilauke summit visible, and with bare orange grass close to the summit.
Moosilauke summit barely peeking through the clouds.

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At 4,802 feet Mount Moosilauke is the eleventh highest mountain in New England, and its prominence of 3,000 feet dominates the southwestern White Mountain landscape with its three summits. Two of the three peaks are included on formal trail routes, but the third can also be reached with a short informal detour if you're looking to bag them all. Moosilauke is also regarded as one of the easiest 4,000 footers to hike in the White Mountains.

Of all the routes up the mountain, the trails from Ravine Road are the shortest and easiest. Though they will be challenging to many and do include several rocky sections, both the Gorge Brook Trail and Carriage Road Trail offer forgiving moderate gradients and moments of flat easy-going trails. Expect trail bridges at all significant creek crossings, and well-signposted junctions.

Expect these trails to be popular and well used. Gorge Brook appears to be the most frequented trail, though we'd recommend the loop that adds only an extra half-mile and includes a summit of South Peak which offers excellent views of Moosilauke's main peak. We think a counter-clockwise route is best since it provides a scenic approach up Mount Moosilauke's ridgeline, but as both trails have similar gradients and feature occasional scenic views it doesn't really matter which way around you go.

red icon Carriage-Gorge, blue icon Gorge O&B Expand Map

red icon Carriage Rd & Gorge Brook Loop 5★
7.9 mi, Loop, Medium, Gain 2,570 ft
Trailspotting Map: AllTrails, GPX File

blue icon Gorge Brook Out & Back 5★
7.4 mi, Out & Back, Medium, Gain 2,470 ft
Trailspotting Map: AllTrails, GPX File

Parking has been stepped back from the original trailhead due to the trail's popularity and inevitable traffic congestion, so on our map we've marked the trailhead as the point from which no parking becomes permissible. Roadside parking is available south of this position along one side of Ravine Road, and the earlier you arrive the closer to the trailhead you can park. Note that there is a vehicle turnaround at our marked trailhead location, so if you're arriving later in the day you can drive all the way to this point, then turn the vehicle around and take the first available parking spot.

We are yet to chart other routes to the summit, but list them here for consideration until we can provide our reviews. From the West, Glencliff Trail follows part of the Appalachian Trail and at 7.6 miles and 3,330 ft gain requires similar mileage but more elevation gain than the reviewed Gorge Brook or Carriage Road trails. From the North, Beaver Book Trail is 8.6 miles & 3,536 ft gain if you include South Peak and it's considered a challenging and steep route.

Orange grass on both sides of the trail, with sturdy rock cairns marking the route.
Alpine meadow approaching Moosilauke's tallest peak.

Hiker crossing a 20 to 30 foot bridge made out of three tree trunks and a handrail on one side. Stream flowing below.
Trail bridges at all creek crossings.

Two images. The first is a bright orange sign reading 'south peak 0.15 mi' and a trail heads into a weathered evergreen forest with a mossy floor. The second has three hikers eating snacks while looking at a mountain range in the distance.
South Peak has great Moosilauke views. | Taking a break on Gorge Brook Trail.

Two hikers wearing brightly colored jackets and backpacks hiking down a rocky trail. Evergreen bushes all around. Two mountain peaks in the middle distance. Horizon mostly obscured by fog and clouds.
Hiking down Moosilauke in the direction of South Peak.

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• Trailspotting: Day Hikes of NH's 4,000 Footers
• Public Map at AllTrails: Carriage/Gorge Loop, Gorge O&B

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