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Best of Los Angeles Basin, CA

• 7 day hikes
• 0 to 6.3 mile trails
• Easy & Medium difficulties
• Los Angeles, CA | Los Angeles County
• Driving Directions: Hollywood Sign

The Los Angeles basin is known for many things, but a hiking destination is rarely one of them. In truth the area boasts excellent trails among and just outside the urban sprawl of Southern California, including many features that you won't find anywhere else.

We've explored the most popular trails in the area so we can bring you maps, reviews and photography of the best hikes around Los Angeles. Summarized below our map you'll find links to our trail reviews and to free maps that you can download to your phone for easy navigation.

Hollywood Sign & Hollywood Hills | 5★, 0-5.5mi, Easy & Medium, 510-1290ft | The best ways to enjoy the Hollywood Hills, the greatest views of the sign and several ways to reach the summits.
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Malibu Creek State Park | 5★, 2.2-6.3mi, Easy, 80-370ft | Formerly the 20th Century Fox Ranch and a wonder of dramatic vistas in every direction, this park has been a movie and television filming location for decades.
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Solstice Canyon, Malibu | 5★, 2.5-6.1mi, Easy & Medium, 310-1800ft | Located just off the Pacific Coast Highway on the shimmering Malibu coastline, Solstice Canyon is a wildly popular hiking route that has something to offer all levels of fitness and interest.
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Vasquez Rocks | 5★, 3.6mi, Easy, 620ft | One of the most recognizable movie and television backdrops is only a short drive away from Hollywood itself. Come for hiking, a photo op, or to climb the rocks for yourself.
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Echo Mountain | 5★, 4.9mi, Medium, 1400ft | Stunning views of the LA basin as you climb the narrow trail cut out of the side of Echo Mountain. At the summit you'll find remnants of "The White City in the Sky".
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Eaton Canyon Falls | 4★, 3.4-4.2mi, Easy & Medium, 420-790ft | Discover a waterfall at the end of a winding and shady canyon, then return along a mountain trail with awesome LA views.
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Trail Canyon Falls | 4★, 4.2mi, Medium, 990ft | Hike through the picturesque sun-drenched canyon, then rappel the ropes to reach this charming waterfall.
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