B&M Rail Trail, Amherst NH

• 3-star trail
• 0.9 miles each way
• Medium difficulty | Easy elevation
• Amherst, NH | Merrimack Region
• Driving Directions: Walnut Hill Road

Bicyclist on a flat, forested trail covered in leaves.

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The patchwork of available rail trails in New Hampshire range in length from less than a mile to close to sixty miles in length. Presently the Amherst B&M Rail Trail is only 0.9 miles in length, but it does connect up to the Pond Parish Trails and will eventually form part of the proposed Baboosic Greenway project.

The best parking is a layby next to Walnut Hill Road, identified as parking on the official town map and also indicated on our map here. Heading south on our bicycles turned out to be a minor obstacle course thanks to the roots of the small trees that have sprung up along this former Boston & Maine railroad bed. The light tree cover affords some views eastward to marshland and across Little Baboosic Lake. Check out our YouTube video linked at the bottom of the page to get a better impression of the trail surface.

As you progress, the woodland becomes more dense and the trail loses its roughness. Before curving west, there's a trail junction that marks the start of the multi-use Josiah Parker Trail leading to the Pond Parish Loop. If you choose to continue on the flat railroad bed and along the curve, you'll know when you've come to the end of the trail as you'll be confronted with clearly marked private property and no trespassing signs.

dark green icon Hardpack, purple icon Rough, red icon Road, No Access, Parking Expand Map

dark green icon purple icon Amherst B&M Trail 3★
0.9 miles each way, Medium, Gain 40ft (10ft S-N)
Trailspotting Map: AllTrails, GPX File

We were able to access a further section of rail bed also owned by the Town of Amherst. Note that this is not contiguous with the northern section accessible from Walnut Hill Road and we encourage you to respect all no trespassing signs on private property. Accessing this section requires striding over a road barrier and utilizing a public right-of-way across the edge of private property. Initially the trail is narrow and overgrown, but we presume this was done to deter visitors, because quickly the trail opens up into a wide track bed that's clearly being maintained and used by someone - we assume a local resident who appreciates having this public property to themselves.

Though you're welcome to explore at your own risk and with due consideration of property owners, there's not much to see along this orphaned section of former railroad and most people will want to wait for this area to be redeveloped for the Baboosic Greenway project. There are some initial open views of a pond next to the busy Route 101 before the trail leads into forested surroundings. Note that this curve continues beyond the green line we've marked on our map and extends onto private property that has not posted any signs, but they're probably not expecting visitors here either. If you're intrepid enough to want to check out this orphaned section you can park at the town's Birch Park Disc Golf Course on Baboosic Lake Road.

Trail Conditions
Relatively flat unpaved forested trail. North end has some roots to dodge, but the trail becomes smoother and wider.

Small pond near the orphaned section of trail.
Small pond near the orphaned section of trail.

Orphaned section: Private blue rectangle is apparently a right-of-way.

Nearby: Merrimack Covered Bridge (directions)

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