Sandwich Mt & Jennings Peak, NH

• 4-star hike
• 6.1 to 8.0 mile options
• Medium difficulty | Gain 2,080 to 2,740 feet
• Waterville Valley, NH | White Mountains
• Driving Directions: Trailhead

Waterville Valley views heading up Sandwich Mt Trail.

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The trail up the northern flanks of Sandwich Mountain begins at Route 49 just around the corner from the Waterville Valley resort. Promising great unspoilt natural surroundings in the Sandwich Range Wilderness, the route to the summit takes in two other peaks and includes several great scenic viewpoints. A shorter hike concluding at Jennings Peak also provides much of the same experience, except without the last mile and the views from atop Sandwich Mountain.

There are two trails out of the trailhead that converge at a junction just below Jennings Peak. Sandwich Trail takes 2.4 miles and Drakes Brook Trail 3.1 miles to reach this point. We recommend setting out on a counter clockwise route up the steeper Sandwich Trail with its mountain vista lookouts and returning on the longer Drakes Brook Trail with no such viewpoints, but with a pleasant leafy stroll parallel to Drakes Brook.

red icon Sandwich, purple icon Jennings Expand Map

purple icon Jennings Peak 4★
6.1 mi, Loop, Medium, Gain 2,080 ft
Trailspotting Map at AllTrails

red icon Sandwich Mountain 4★
8.0 mi, Part-Loop, Medium, Gain 2,740 ft
Trailspotting Map at AllTrails

The spur trail from the junction to Jennings peak is the steepest part of these trails, but is also mercifully short. From this 3,406 foot summit Sandwich Mountain seems quite hike away but in fact it's less than a mile distant.

The final 0.9 mile hike to Sandwich Mountain offers no views until you reach the summit. At 3,983 feet in elevation it looks like folks have been trying to add more rocks to peak to make this a New Hampshire four thousand footer, but up here there's still plenty to see from this peak that overlooks Waterville Valley.

Conditions on these trails are moderate. At the outset of the hike expect a crossing of Drakes Brook requiring some careful rock to rock balancing. After this there's only a single small scramble on Sandwich Mountain Trail near Noon Peak, and some short wet sections where the brook interferes with Drakes Brook Trail on the return leg. Also note that Drakes Brook Trail sticks to the west side of the brook and does not cross the water until you're almost back at the trailhead.

River crossing in both directions. | Steep section to Jennings Peak

More Sandwich Mountain Trail views.

Mount Sandwich summit, just shy of 4,000 feet elevation.

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