Mt Major and Quarry Mountain

• 5-star hike
• 7.4 mile loop (alternatives from 2.8 mi)
• Medium difficulty | Elevation gain 1,950 feet
• Lakes | Alton NH
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Just off Alton Bay at the South end of Lake Winnipesaukee is the rightfully popular hike to the summit of Mount Major, providing spectacular views across the whole lake region eleven hundred feet below. We've traced several hikes to Mount Major for you to choose from, in ascending length and difficulty:

Main Trail Out & Back (2.8mi, 1092ft) - The most direct and easiest route to the top of the mountain, short of chartering a helicopter. This is an out-and-back route of Main Trail. Google Map | KML | Directions

Southern Loop (2.9mi, 1112ft) - Only slightly longer than the previous route, but the rocky Boulder Loop Trail on the South side of the mountain adds a little difficulty. Google Map | KML | Directions

Mt Major & Quarry Mountain (7.4mi, 1950ft) - Our favorite way around the area combining Mount Major with an additional further five peaks, a varied array of terrain and even more viewpoints, but with only around two thousand feet in total elevation gain and without a leg-burning climb in sight. Google Map | KML | Directions

Choosing the longer trail, we tackled the East and West peaks of Quarry Mountain first, enjoying the solitude and saving the Mount Major crowds for later. Saving the summit of Mount Major until last is a great reward for your hike, but also means you’ll get better views later in the day once the sun is behind you.

Our 7.4 mile loop excludes Mount Anna, which you could add at your discretion for a further 0.75 mile round trip and nominal elevation gain. However unless you’re peak bagging there’s not much to this mountain peak which has no discernable summit or elevation difference from the Main Trail.

This trail is mercifully light on rocks and tree roots compared with the typical New Hampshire trail, and includes a surprising amount of flat trail. This does mean however that some sections get boggy at times, but even though we’d had recent rains the trail and stream crossings were fairly easy to navigate. We rated this trail as medium difficulty, but be mindful there are several short rock scramble sections.

Google Map | KML | Directions

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