Vasquez Rocks, Agua Dulce CA

• 5-star hike
• 3.6 mile loop
• Easy difficulty | Gain 620 feet
• Agua Dulce, CA | Los Angeles Region
• Driving Directions: Trailhead

The famous spires of Vasquez Rocks.

One of the United States' most recognizable movie and television backdrops is only a short drive away from Hollywood itself. People come here not just for the photo and hiking opportunities, but also to climb the rocks, film their music videos and recreate the most realistic fight sequence of all time.

You may recognize this place from westerns such as Gunsmoke, Blazing Saddles and Westworld, but also Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, Austin Powers, The Flintstones and of course many Star Trek series and movies.

Vasquez Rocks is more of a destination than a hiking location - in fact, you can drive straight up to the rocks and admire them without stepping out of a vehicle. However, we think this is a great location for a hike, and we recommend a loop trail around the park. Our loop trail not only gives you panoramic views of the star attraction - the Vasquez Rocks spires - from all directions, but it reveals that the rest of the park's rocky outcroppings are a great supporting cast too.

Vasquez Rocks Park Loop

Vasquez Rocks Park Loop 5★
3.6 mi, Loop, Easy, Gain 620 ft
Trailspotting Map at AllTrails

Our loop trail is great in either direction, but it's easiest to pick up on the well-signed Pacific Crest Trail and head clockwise. We'd rate the trail itself as a 4-star attraction but labeled this with 5-stars because the this place is not to be missed.

Entry and parking is free. Be aware that the entrance gate and visitor center for Vasquez Rocks is closed on some Mondays and Tuesdays. We arrived on a Monday without knowing this and since the pedestrian trail is always open we parked on the roadside by the entrance and enjoyed a relatively quiet park experience. There are no apparent parking restrictions around the park entrance, though we can't vouch for this.

More rocky outcroppings on the park loop trail.

Mountain ranges surround the park.

A panorama of the park's most famous assets at dusk.

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