Flume Gorge Trail, Lincoln NH

• 5-star hike
• 2.0 mile loop
• Easy difficulty | Gain 456 feet
• Lincoln, NH | White Mountains
• Driving directions: Trailhead

Forged by a volcanic uplift of lava into cracks the famed New Hampshire granite, then worn away by age, ice and water; Flume Gorge is an impressive natural ravine stretching back into the White Mountains.

Most of the erosion these days is a result of the boots of hikers and sightseers, as the park is well established as by far the most popular New Hampshire State Park destination. Although the large parking lot is often overflowing, the attraction is well-appointed and is still a pleasure to visit at busier periods, thanks to wide paved trails without rock or root to trip you up, and a boardwalk section through the Gorge itself.

Flume Gorge Tr Expand Map

Flume Gorge Trail 5★
2.0 mi loop, Easy, Gain 456 ft
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Reminiscent of the grand lodges of the West, the large visitor center is where you begin and end your hike. Price of admission is charged on a per-person basis, but when contemplating the cost of entry remind yourself that NH State Parks are wholly self-funded and this one site alone accounts for a large proportion of their income.

The loop trail itself has much going for it, and it's also great for the whole family. Not only passing through the Flume Gorge, but also over two covered bridges and several waterfalls as it winds through a variety of trees, flowers and large boulders strewn around the landscape. Hills are gentle, and most of the elevation gain is tackled by the gorge’s boardwalk steps. There are also a couple of little short side trips, including the Wolf’s Den - which is a short, narrow route through a talus cave.

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