Madame Sherri Forest, Chesterfield NH

• 4-star hike
• 3 to 9 mile options
• Medium difficulty | Gain 480 to 1,970 feet
• Chesterfield, NH | Monadnock Region
. An old, abandoned stone structure with partial walls and arches, surrounded by lush green forest. Expand Map

RED 4★ Ann Stokes Loop
2.6 mi loop, medium, gain 480 ft
AllTrails · GPX File · Directions
PURPLE 3★ Ann Stokes & Daniels Mt
4.3 mi loop, medium, gain 890 ft
AllTrails · GPX File · Directions

What was once a whimsical holiday home for a retired Parisienne costumer and performer in the 1920s is now a ruined curiosity in New Hampshire woodland near Chesterfield. Hikers and dog-walkers concoct fanciful and mystical stories built around the remains of the building which is most notable for its staircase arches that have recently begun to collapse. We were lucky enough to capture this pre-collapse photograph less than two months before the largest arch fell in July 2021.

Beyond the house lies some great scenery and hiking terrain now managed by the Forest Society which can be toured on the two-and-a-half-mile Ann Stokes Loop, named for the person who bought the property after it fell into disrepair then donated it to the society. The loop features two picturesque ponds among dense deciduous woodland.

An old, abandoned stone structure with partial walls and arches, surrounded by lush green forest.
Madame Sherri's holiday home in Summer 2024.

The Ann Stokes Loop is our preferred hiking trail on the property, accessing both ponds and offering a viewpoint from an unnamed hill. In order to make a worthwhile visit to the shores of Indian Pond however, you will need to take the very brief out-and-back spur trail marked on our map. Anne Stokes Trail is a well marked and maintained single track route.

Less travelled than the Ann Stokes Trail, the Daniels Mountain Loop covers ground on the pine tree covered West flanks of this small mountain. Well placed signage attached to the trees can be necessary to find your way as this trail is only partly visible and wayfinding can be difficult if you don't know what you're looking for. We enjoyed extending our Ann Stokes hike up to Daniels Mountain, and though the summit itself offers no views we counted three different scenic viewpoints along the route. Daniels Mountain can also be accessed from Plain Road to the East.

A person in an orange-red shirt sitting on the edge of a tranquil pond, surrounded by lush greenery and trees. The sky is partly cloudy, and the water reflects the surrounding landscape.
Reflecting at Indian Pond on the Ann Stokes Trail.

Also shown in blue on our map is the Wantastiquet Mountain Spur that is 1 mile each way in length, and gains around 600 feet of elevation. This heads west from Indian Pond leading to Mine Ledge and Wantastiquet Mountain, which both offer great westerly views beyond the Connecticut River and towards the rolling hills and distant mountains of southern Vermont. This route is a fun hike that offers some elevation gain without being overly challenging. Wantastiquet Mountain can also be hiked from the other side and we've included links to a separate trail review below.

Madame Sherri Forest offers a moderate parking lot at the trailhead. Please note the QR codes by the entrance to the trail and donate the suggested parking fee to the Forest Society. We always make our donation, and we're pleased to note that though we have to give out our email and physical address to do so, the society has not been misusing this information to send us unsolicited marketing so far.

Everyone should check out Indian Pond, close to this trail junction.

A natural landscape with rocky terrain, sparse vegetation, and green trees. Rolling hills under a partly cloudy sky create a serene view. One of several partial viewpoints, this from Daniels Mt Trail.

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NH Forest Society
Trails in this article are maintained by the Society For The Protection of New Hampshire Forests.

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