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Green Mountain, Claremont NH

• 3-star hike
• 2.4 to 3.3 mile options
• Easy difficulty | Gain 730 to 890 feet
• Claremont, NH | Sunapee Region
• Driving Directions: Trailhead

The viewpoint over Sugar River Valley and into Vermont.

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The crescent shaped summits of Green Mountain rise 1,600 feet above the old mill buildings of Claremont and dominate the town's North East horizon. Dominating the mountain itself however are large radio communication towers that unapologetically decorate the peaks. Perhaps the best way to enjoy the great scenery of the Sugar River Valley is to have your back to these ugly necessities, and from the mountain the views are spectacular. Views beyond the valley include Vermont's Mount Ascutney in the middle-distance, and the Okemo Mountain Resort beyond.

We've highlighted both the route to the viewpoint which totals 2.4 miles round trip, and the trek to Green Mountain's summit which including the viewpoint side trip is 3.3 miles round trip. The trail is a lightly to moderately inclined service road from the trailhead leading to the largest radio tower, where the trail branches off to the excellent viewpoint.

Viewpoint Trail, Summit Trail. Expand Map

Viewpoint Trail 3★
2.4 mi, Out & Back, Easy, Gain 730 ft | For the best views on Green Mountain you don't need to hike all the way to the top. This route follows the lightly to moderately inclined service road from the trailhead to the largest radio tower, where the trail branches off to the right, to an excellent viewpoint. If you're lucky there are informal signs to help guide you, else just follow our route.
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Viewpoint & Summit Trail 3★
3.3 mi, Out & Back, Easy, Gain 890 ft | This route combines the hike to the viewpoint with a trip to the summit. Continuing up the service road from the large radio tower, the trail to the summit narrows somewhat as it traces a path across the ridgeline. Along the way we passed some smaller radio towers and what looks to be some of Doc Brown's experimental weather equipment. The summit itself is shared by yet more antennae, dishes and other equipment. In addition to packing water, maybe you want to think about bringing that tin-foil hat also? The views from the summit are partial, at best.
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The incline up the service road is light to moderate.

Claremont below and Mt Ascutney prominent to the right.

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