East Trail, Nounou Mt

3-star hike.
4 mile out-and-back • Medium difficulty.
Elevation 20 - 1,300 feet. Gain 1,100 feet.
Kauai, Hawai.
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Nounou Mountain rises from the leeward (Eastern) lands of Kauai, where the best weather on this Hawaiian island can be found. Local legend tells of a giant who feasted so much at a party in his honor that he laid down for a nap and never awoke, and when you see the moutain's resemblance to a sleeping giant from the nearby town of Kapa'a you can see why the legend persists.

If you're planning on taking a hike on the East Nounou Mountain trail, you might want to keep your fingers crossed that he doesn't wake up, as the route takes you over his head and ultimately up his nose.

This is a nice little hike if you're in the area, and a great way of sampling some of Kauai's exotic plantlife and bird population. Certainly it's not the greatest trail on the island, particularly when it's up against such stiff competition, but if you're planning to be spending some time around the leeward side soaking up some rays, then it's worth checking out.

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