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Bodie State Park Ghost Town, CA

• 5-star hike
• 0 to 3.0 mile options
• Easy difficulty | Gain 50 feet
• Mono County | Bodie, CA
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Preserved in an arrested state of decay by California State Parks, the ghost town of Bodie is an incredible trip back into the days of the California gold rush. Not only can you walk through the streets of the remaining buildings, you can also peer into the windows and see artifacts from the town - including a fully stocked store, casino games, school building, bank vault, blacksmiths shop and more.

Check out the park store early to see if you’re interested in any of the available tours (for some reason the park’s website doesn’t always list them) including a guided tour of the remaining preserved stamp mine, visit the looped historical video, or chat to the many park staff.

We were most pleased that the park allows visitors to freely roam around the town - our experience felt more like an exploration than a museum trip.

The park is located two and a half hours from Lake Tahoe, or an hour from Mono Lake. Note that the last couple of miles of road to the park is unpaved, but remains entirely passable for all vehicles.

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