Bioluminescent Bay Kayak, Fajardo PR

• 5-star trail
• 1.6 mile trail
• Easy difficulty | No elevation gain
• Fajardo, PR | Puerto Rico
• Driving Directions: Trailhead

Paddling through a mangrove lined channel to the bioluminescent bay.

A Postcard From Puerto Rico
Sharing our recent travels on a short trip to this charming former Spanish colony and caribbean island, we have a couple of trails that we'd love to recommend to you.

With the setting of the sun, adventurers gather at Fajardo's kayak village to paddle to Laguna Grande in search of a natural wonder. Renowned for the bioluminescent organisms known as dinoflagellates that populate the bay, these microscopic creatures emit a natural light when disturbed and create a sparkling glow in the water. Puerto Rico is one of the few places on Earth where this phenomenon occurs, making it a must-see for those who enjoy a short paddle.

The night-time journey begins by navigating a mangrove lined channel in virtual darkness, illuminated only by the glow of a red light marking the stern of the kayak ahead. The experience reminded us of a peaceful Disney dark ride, except here the occasional bats flying overhead are real and there's nothing stopping you from bumping into the scenery.

Kayak Route Expand Map

Kayak Route to Laguna Grande 4★
1.6 miles out-and-back, Easy, No elevation gain.

The bioluminescence encounter isn't as it appears in photographs you may see advertising the tours, but with expectations set low we were pleasantly surprised. Choose the later of the two timeslots if you want to make the most of the bioluminescence, though the guides also bring out a large light-blocking tarpaulin for increased darkness.

Several companies offer similar tours operating out of the Kayak Village at Fajardo. Prices are reasonable and the companies are easily discoverable on the internet. We enjoyed Eco Adventures' tour, and we were grateful for their friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgable guides. We're also indebted to Eco Adventures for the use of their images in this article.

Wear clothes appropriate for kayaking and expect to get at least the lower half of your body wet. Life jackets are required and provided. Electronic devices may be best left behind, as there isn't much light to capture the experience. As celebrated mosquito magnets we had some concerns, but were relieved not to encounter any such pests or receive any bites on our trip.

Start from the shores of the Kayak Village.

Kayaking the mangrove swamp to the bioluminescent Laguna Grande.

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