Lower Antelope Canyon, Page AZ

• 5-star hike
• 1.1 mile trail
• Easy difficulty | Gain 100 feet
• Page, AZ | Southwest US
• Driving Directions: Trailhead

Sculpted red sandstone everywhere you look.

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Possibly the most popular slot canyon in the United States, the spectacular Antelope Canyon is located 90 minutes from the South rim of the Grand Canyon and close to the town of Page, Arizona. This unique experience is suitable for everyone who is comfortable with a short walk along a firm sandy canyon floor interspersed with occasional short and sturdy metal ladders.

Situated on tribal land, the canyon is only accesible as part of a guided tour which allows for the regulation of foot traffic and the preservation of the canyon itself. Tour groups are split up into small sub-groups of around six to eight people each with their own guide. For us the canyon was quiet enough to allow us to hang back a little and take photographs with no other people around.

After a brief walk from the tour guide headquarters and the inevitable gift shop, the flights of handrail-supported metal steps leads you one hundred feet down into the canyon. From here your journey is a sedate gradual walk up the chasm as you marvel at this natural wonder and take the time to appreciate the interplay of light and shade against the tightly stratified red standstone walls. Our guide was enthusiastic to point out features within the canyon and was well prepared for any questions we might have had.

Lower Antelope Canyon lets in more light than the Upper Canyon.

Antelope Canyon has been divided into separate upper and lower canyon tours, so you'll need to decide for yourself which is best for you. We chose the lower canyon tour rather than the more popular and more expensive upper canyon and we were very happy with our trip. Our research reports that the upper canyon tours are busy with two-way traffic, whereas the lower canyon is longer, experiences less foot traffic and only allows tours to flow from one end to the other, allowing moments where it feels you have the canyon to yourself. We were also advised that although Upper Antelope Canyon is deeper it lets in much less light, making photography more challenging, whereas the lower canyon has good light throughout the day.

Each tour lasts around 60 to 90 minutes over a distance of just over a mile. Tour prices vary throughout the season and discounts are often available when demand is low in winter. Slots for the canyon tour fill up quickly at peak times so you'll likely want to book well in advance, though for our February tour there were still spaces available for walk-ins. Tripods, selfie sticks, gopro style cameras, backpacks, and most other style of bags are not permitted on the tour.

Tour starts at the bottom and ascends several flights.

Nearby to Antelope Canyon is the town of Page and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. We heartily recommend Page as a base to visit many nearby trails, undertake more tours and visit the Glen Canyon Dam. We had time to visit only a few trails in this area which you can find on this map, but we're looking to return to check out the remote Rainbow Bridge, the Vermillion Cliffs as well as other short hikes like the Hanging Gardens.

Exiting Lower Antelope Canyon.

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