Horseshoe Bend, Page AZ

• 5-star hike
• 1.2 mile trail
• Easy difficulty | Gain 140 feet
• Page, AZ | Southwest US
• Driving Directions: Trailhead

One of the most stunning iconic Southwest US views.

Trailspotting the Southwest
Trailspotting the Southwest
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In the last few years a surge of interest in the outdoors, coupled with tantalizing images on social media have had an enormous impact on National Parks and other high profile sites in the United States. Possibly none so dramatic as Horseshoe Bend which has seen numbers of visitors skyrocket from 4,000 a year to over two million, and much of this growth has only been in the last decade. We may have seen Horseshoe Bend become one of the most iconic and photographed spots in the United States, but it's for good reason and the crowds shouldn't keep you away.

Thankfully, recent and extensive construction work has made the the experience of visiting Horseshoe Bend much more of a pleasure. The new smooth and wide three-quarters of a mile long trail winds sympathetically around the desert landscape, blending in color with its sandstone surroundings. Modern and elegant shelters along the route offer rest and shelter from the desert heat. The whole journey is also fully accessible to wheelchair users.

Viewpoint Trail Expand Map

Horseshoe Bend Viewpoint Trail 5★
1.2 mi, Out & back, Easy, Gain 210 ft
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The trail culminates and terminates at a new viewing platform, offering visitors the chance to stand safely at cliff's edge and take in the panoramic vistas. Not that sightseers have to all herd around the viewing platform, as people are free to explore anywhere around the rim of the canyon - either in search of a unique view, or something close to solitude. We'd advise not getting too close to the edge however as the thousand foot fall does claim the life of the occasional wrong-footed visitor.

The trailhead parking are is now enormous, complete with multi-lane tollbooths and separate parking for large tour buses. Thankfully the construction work has been tastefully done and though you will find well-appointed restrooms, there is not a gift shop in sight. The park is open year-round from sunrise to sunset. Busiest times are between 9-11am and 4:30-6:30pm, and on weekends and holidays vehicles are sometimes turned away since even this parking lot can fill to capacity.

This insanely popular natural attraction is located three miles South of the Arizona town of Page, which is also a great place to stay while you visit Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam and other nearby sites. Also just a little further South is Lees Ferry - the last vehicular crossing of Colorado River for 227 miles, after which this chasm is better known as The Grand Canyon.

The trail to the canyon's edge.

There are plenty of places from which to admire the views of Glen Canyon's famous bend.

These sleek modern designs shelter resting travellers from the desert sun.

Panorama of the famous Horseshoe Bend view.

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