Beehive & New Wave Trails, Page AZ

• 4-star hike
• 0.8 to 2.0 mile options
• Easy difficulty | Gain 80 to 230 feet
• Page, AZ | Southwest US
• Driving Directions: Beehive, New Wave

Wind scuplted sandstone on the New Wave Trail.

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Adjacent to the Glen Canyon Dam and close to the Arizona town of Page, the Beehive and New Wave trails guide walkers around sandstone outcroppings and other windswept rock formations. Combined with breathtaking views of the surrounding desert landscape and distant mountains, this often overlooked trail is among the best hikes short hikes in the area.

Frequently outlined by rows of small rocks, the trail is mostly solid rock underfoot with occasional sandy sections. Though we've categorized these trails as easy, there are some sloping rocky sections that would be best tackled with good hiking footwear. Neither the trailheads or trails are well signposted, but with our maps should be easy to navigate. Although this location is within the Glen Canyon Recreation Area no entrance fee is required to access it.

Beehive & New Wave, New Wave, Overlook Expand Map

Beehive & New Wave Loop 4★
1.5 mi, Loop, Easy, Gain 190 ft
Trailspotting Map: AllTrails, GPX File

Coupled with a further 0.5 mile out-and-back overlook spur, this is our recommended route. The rock formations known as the beehives visible from this trail might take some imagination to recognize, but they are nevertheless impressive and add to the dramatic Glen Canyon landscape. The route links up with the New Wave Trail to create a single loop. The trailhead is located only a short distance off Highway 89. Park either near the trailhead or in the large camping area across the road.

Views from the Beehive Trail.

New Wave Loop 4★
0.8 mi, Loop, Easy, Gain 80 ft
Trailspotting Map: AllTrails, GPX File

This shorter trail still provides the greatest hits - views of the wavy stratified rocky outcroppings and 360 degree views of the desert landscape. It's a great trail for folk looking for sightseeing opportunities away from the road, and a chance to explore the craggy surroundings. Be aware that the slightly more distant trailhead requires an additional half mile of dirt road driving that most vehicles can manage - though do not proceed onto the sandy tracks beyond the trailhead unless you have a vehicle and the experience to handle the terrain.

The cliffs of the New Wave trail are on the right.

Overlook Spur 4★
0.5 mi, Out & Back, Easy, Gain 40 ft

We're glad we checked out the quarter mile trail to the overlook, affording us with even more great views among the rocky red toadstools while accompanied by even less foot traffic. A great place to take a breather and enjoy the captivating views.

Nearby to this location is the town of Page and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. We heartily recommend Page as a base to visit many nearby trails, undertake more tours and visit the Glen Canyon Dam. We had time to visit only a few trails in this area which you can find on this map, but we're looking to return to check out the remote Rainbow Bridge, the Vermillion Cliffs as well as other short hikes like the Hanging Gardens.

Admiring the views at the end of the Overlook Spur.

Sandy tracks at near the New Wave Trailhead.

The massive and nearby Glen Canyon Dam.

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