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New Hampshire Fire Tower Map & List

Fire towers have been protecting New Hampshire for over a century, and despite advances in technology the New Hampshire Division of Forests & Lands still operate fifteen fire towers today.

We've compiled a list of fire towers located throughout the state of New Hampshire that can still be visited today. We're also providing links to our fire tower trail reviews as they become available. Note that we've not yet visited all fire towers on this list and cannot confirm whether they are publicly accessible.

We've excluded fire towers that can simply be driven to and are not accessible by a notable trail.

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Trailspotting NH Fire Tower List:
Fire Tower (Click for map view)LatLonTrailspotting
Belknap Mt Fire Tower43.517856-71.369238Trail
Blue Job Mt Fire Tower43.33147-71.115065
Craney Hill Fire Tower43.1506889-71.7981704Trail
Deer Mt Fire Tower45.2068053-71.2269882
Federal Hill Fire Tower42.804075-71.625988Trail
Green Mountain Fire Tower43.7677238-71.0369265
Hyland Hill Fire Tower42.959492-72.3843179
Kearsarge N (Pequawket) Fire Tower44.1113889-71.0994444
Kearsarge S (Warner) Fire Tower43.383525-71.8566522Trail
Magalloway Mt Fire Tower45.063103-71.164519
Milan Hill Fire Tower44.570021-71.224188
Mt Cardigan Fire Tower43.649795-71.914805Trail
Mt Carrigan Fire Tower44.0936171-71.4468417
Mt Prospect Fire Tower44.4510577-71.5712362
Oak Hill Fire Tower43.2788367-71.5056699Trail
Pack Monadnock Fire Tower42.862778-71.878611Trail
Pawtuckaway Fire Tower43.101964-71.181016
Pitcher Mt Fire Tower43.0936533-72.1345786
Red Hill Fire Tower43.7556293-71.4578515
Signal Mt Fire Tower44.7611614-71.227175
Smarts Mt Fire Tower43.8254642-72.038136

Excluded NH Fire Tower List:
Fire Tower (Click for map view)LatLonTrailspotting
Abenaki Tower Fire Tower (Drive up)43.6705327-71.292219
Carter's Tower Fire Tower (Drive up)44.371864-71.4074489
Croydon Mt Fire Tower (No access)43.4820169-72.219534
Garrison Hill Fire Tower (Drive up)43.2095389-70.8696192
Stratham Hill Fire Tower (Drive up)43.0395941-70.8900401
Warner Hill Fire Tower (Drive up)42.8856841-71.2665135
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