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New Hampshire Covered Bridge List

We've compiled a list of covered bridges throughout the state of New Hampshire. Darker icons identify bridges for which we've included a photograph and often a link to a Trailspotting trail review. Note that we've not yet visited all bridges on this list and cannot confirm whether they are publicly accessible. Some bridges are excluded from the main list because we don't regard them as typical covered bridges. Some of them are purely ornamental, others are not substantial in nature.

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List of New Hampshire Covered Bridges

Hyperlinks in the title of each covered bridge lead to their location on Google Maps. Links in the Trailspotting column are identified either as 'Trail' or 'Photo' where the latter links to an image on our Instagram account because there are no trails adjacent to the bridge for us to hike, ride or review.

Bridge (with directions)LatLonTrailspotting
Albany Covered Bridge44.0057958-71.2407308
Ashuelot Covered Bridge42.7771197-72.4233424
Bartlett Covered Bridge44.0950449-71.2035224
Bath Covered Bridge44.1668218-71.9671336
Bement Covered Bridge43.2641365-71.9531438
Blacksmith Shop Covered Bridge43.4629715-72.3534397
Blair Covered Bridge43.8103153-71.6656154
Blow-Me-Down Bridge43.5172948-72.3739184
Brundage Bridge43.6068207-71.9388216
Bump Covered Bridge43.8145763-71.6217136
Carlton Covered Bridge42.8546762-72.274433
Chester Covered Bridge42.9816642-71.2160863
Cilleyville Covered Bridge43.430423-71.8689848
Clark's Covered Bridge44.0515486-71.6877924
Columbia Covered Bridge44.8531156-71.5516276
Contoocook Railroad Covered Bridge43.2230998-71.7138691Trail
Coombs Bridge42.8379456-72.3609493
Corbin Covered Bridge43.3910581-72.1954114
Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge43.473704-72.3840408
Dalton Covered Bridge43.2769639-71.8112835Trail
Denman Thompson Bridge42.8719281-72.3279481
Dingleton Hill Covered Bridge43.4644321-72.3692562
Durgin Covered Bridge43.8558514-71.3643524
Edgell Covered Bridge43.8678434-72.1646402
Flume Covered Bridge44.0993504-71.6769584Trail
Groveton Bridge44.5956099-71.5105265
Hancock-Greenfield Covered Bridge42.956729-71.9348291Trail
Happy Corner Bridge45.0844904-71.3134108
Haverhill-Bath Covered Bridge44.154665-72.0363631
Honeymoon Covered Bridge44.1415927-71.1862816
HoodKroft Bridge (1980s, Golf Course)42.8881648-71.313469
Jack O'Lantern Resort Covered Bridge43.9493141-71.6769341
Keniston Covered Bridge43.4350086-71.8360913
McDermott Covered Bridge43.1697356-72.3458045
Mechanic Street Covered Bridge44.4869082-71.5642105
Meriden Covered Bridge43.5534504-72.2658563
Merrimack Covered Bridge42.8962186-71.5635822Photo
Mount Orne Covered Bridge44.4601941-71.6528186
New England College Covered Bridge43.1774462-71.8241953Trail
Nissitissit Bridge42.7354509-71.6707485Trail
Old Stage Rd Covered Bridge42.9424039-70.8774795
Packard Hill Covered Bridge43.6386307-72.2224272
Pier Covered Bridge43.3619613-72.2409491Trail
Pittsburg-Clarksville Covered Bridge45.0544807-71.4068436
Prentiss Covered Bridge43.1531309-72.3933557
River Road Bridge45.072546-71.3059107
Riverwalk Covered Bridge44.3058618-71.7732247
Rowell Covered Bridge43.1926581-71.7487978Trail
Saco River Covered Bridge43.9830335-71.1170615
Sawyers Crossing Covered Bridge42.8862357-72.2865475
Sentinel Pine Covered Bridge44.1043026-71.6779955Trail
Slate Covered Bridge42.8472948-72.340412
Smith Covered Bridge43.7752685-71.7389933Photo
Squam River Covered Bridge43.718816-71.6189373Photo
Stark Covered Bridge44.6010108-71.4081328
Sugar River Covered Bridge43.38588-72.08286Trail
Sulphite Railroad Bridge43.445-71.635278Trail
Swift River Covered Bridge43.9848177-71.1193909
Swiftwater Covered Bridge44.1338533-71.9508216
Tannery Hill Covered Bridge43.5495911-71.4053652
Waterloo Covered Bridge43.2880425-71.8562206
Wentworth Covered Bridge43.8683062-71.9090248
Whittier Covered Bridge43.8221075-71.2118564
Wright's Covered Bridge43.3589353-72.2591038Trail

Excluded NH Covered Bridge List:
Bridge (with directions)LatLonTrailspotting
Allen Hollis Covered Bridge (1981, Private)44.037859-71.783423
Chocorua Ski and Beach Covered Bridge (1992)43.85492-71.204036
Little Red Bridge (1961, Golf Course)43.0448422-71.3149056
Melendy Pond Bridge (1982, Private?)42.7612384-71.4291975
Nepalese Bridge (1968, Footbridge)44.37776-71.2802786
Plaistow Town Forest Covered Bridge42.86622-71.13363Trail
Royal Crest Covered Bridge (1970, Footbridge)42.71231-71.44818
Teixeira Park Bridge (1995, Footbridge)42.8882166-71.9776153
Yankee Barn Bridge (1982, Footbridge)43.5267571-72.1253745

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