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Last updated: June 2022

One of the joys to hiking is that anyone can start at any time with what they already own. However, purpose-made gear will reward you with comfort, reliability and safety, so I've linked to some of my favourite gear below.

For me, the best gear is something that works well for at least a number of years and if I could buy it for life, I probably would. My resulting list of equipment and clothing is somewhat understated, but it’s tested and works well.

OR Radar Pocket Cap is necessary for my comfort. The folding peak makes it very pocketable and holds it's shape when going through the washing machine.

Darn Tough Socks Comfortable merino wool blend, very hard wearing and resistant to bacteria. If they ever wear out, send them back for a free replacement.

Hydration running belt holds two 10oz bottles and the central pouch will stretch to hold a 20oz Powerade bottle and granola bar to help me ditch the backpack. However, when the backpack is a necessity I usually use Nalgene 10oz flasks with full 30oz bottles
in reserve.

20% Picaridin lotion applied to skin provides four to five hours of protection from bugs including mosquitoes and ticks. We also routinely treat our hiking clothes, shoes and gaiters with a permethrin spray to ward off ticks. DEET is also an option, but note that a DEET and sunscreen combiniation has drawbacks.

AllTrails provides a wealth of trail opportunities and recent reviews, which makes it compelling for me. The app requires a Pro subscription for offline maps but I find it well worth it. Crowdsourced maps aren't always the best, which is why we provide Trailspotting brand AllTrails Maps that you can use with confidence.

iPhone Pro is my usual camera. I've tried cameras with interchangable lenses but they don't play well with my travel-light mentality and I don't like switching lenses on the go. Modern Android phones offer substantial zoom lenses now, and I'm hoping Apple will catch up with a 10x periscope lens in an iPhone soon. On the software side, older versions of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop get the job done for me. Open source equivalents such as GIMP and Darktable are what I'd probably use if I was starting today.

NH Hike Safe Card New Hampshire is one of the few states that can and does charge hikers for rescue under negligent circumstances.This card exempts you from such charges whether you're hiking, canoeing, kayaking, cross country skiing, rock climbing, orienteering or trail running. Cards expire every year on December 31st. Purchases support NH Fish & Game search and rescue.

Gaiters Other day hiking gear considerations:
• Water & food
• First aid essentials
• Emergency whistle
• Headlamp (USB rechargable)
• USB battery & cables (for phone, headlamp)
• Paper maps
• Sunscreen (don't mix with DEET)

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