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Last updated: September 2021

So while some collect Pokémon and others collect spoons, I’m more of a collector of hiking trails and rail trails. My name is Stuart, and since 2007 I’ve been posting them at Trailspotting.com. My goal is to provide what you need to know to help identify the trails that might suit you, and get you enjoying the outdoors as quickly as possible.

I write the articles, record the trails and take the photographs that you will find here at Trailspotting. Hiking on a routine basis is something my wife Jenna introduced me to, and something we’ve been doing ever since. Sometimes we’re joined by our reluctant son, who after dragging him away from a screen, usually figures out after a while that he’s having fun too.

Trailspotting focuses on day hikes – from short excursions to walking routes that can take up to a full day. Our hikes commonly range from 1 to 10 miles, with occasional longer trails. You can download the linked KML files to your own phone via apps like Google Maps, Strava, Map My Run or AllTrails – and some of those apps allow you to download maps and routes for offline use. By the way, if you spot similarities in content between Trailspotting and AllTrails, that’s likely because some of our California and Hawaii content is licensed to them.

A younger Stuart and Jenna in Yosemite Valley

Our coverage is limited to places we’ve either lived or travelled – mainly in Northern California, and now in New England – after moving to New Hampshire in 2020.

We quickly discovered that New Hampshire is rich with rail trails, which criss-cross the state. Enjoyed by everyone from dog walkers to multi-day bike touring parties, we find these trails a great way to explore the state at a comfortable pace on mostly flat trails, while learning some history about the former railroads and places they served along the way. We also discovered that information on these rail trails is a mixed bag, and we hope Trailspotting can help with that in some way.

Trailspotting is published using Blogger.com using a customized Soho template. Costs to run the site are limited to only maintaining the domain name, so I don't feel the need to run ads or carry affiliate links anywhere on this website.

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