Ever driven through snowstorms to reach a trailhead only to find you need a parking permit from a store several towns away? Ever used California State Park's online PDF list, only to be befuddled by the eighty-something stores alphabetized by county? Count us guilty on both counts.

We're making your life easier with the unofficial Trailspotting map of California sno-park vendors, available for both Google Maps and Google Earth. Finding the store nearest to you should now be a breeze.

Sno-park permits are required between Nov 1 and May 30 every year at the 19 California sno-park sites located around Sierra Nevada mountains, and hefty fines are levied for parking offenses. Check out the California State Park link below for more information on the Sno-Parks.

One final note - when using either our map or the official one, we highly recommend telephoning the vendor in advance to confirm permit availability, store hours & location. Also, we've checked the map for errors but can't be sure that we've caught everything - please let us know if you find any issues with the map.

- Google Maps: Larger map view
- Google Earth: 3D map view
- California State Parks: Sno-Parks Map

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