Distance: 2½ miles
Area: San Francisco Peninsula
Type: Loop
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation gain: 700ft (from 300 - 600ft)

If you promise to keep a secret, then we'll tell you about a relatively unknown little coastal hike with unparalleled views of the San Francisco peninsula shoreline. Shhh!

An area of outstanding coastline and natural habitat of several endangered species, the Pedro Point Headlands tower above Linda Mar beach and the southern most point of Pacifica. Now publicly owned, these lands are slowly recovering from dirt-bike use and are gradually being nursed back to health with plans to eventually open series of official trails.

There's nothing stopping responsible hikers from taking full advantage of all the park has to offer, and if you're particularly lucky you might even have the whole mountain to yourself!

Public access is possible through a green gate on the south side of the park here (link goes to Google Street-View) but parking is a problem. There's a limited amount of parking directly next to the gate though the road surface here is uneven. Alternatively it might be possible to park 100 yards up the road by the new Devil's Slide bridge - at the time of publication there was ample parking available with no apparent posted restrictions.

If you enjoy this area you might want to volunteer for the Pedro Point Headland Stewardship Project, funded by the California Coastal Conservancy. Please also consider reporting any motorized vehicles to the Park Police (415-561-5505). Dirt-bikes and the like are prohibited from the park and can cause further damage to the wildlife.

- Trailspotting Images: Pedro Point Headlands on Flickr
- Coastsider: Pedro Point Headlands Hike

Peninsula Trails: Hiking and Biking Trails on the San Francisco Peninsula by Jean Rusmore