Area: San Francisco Peninsula
Distance: 7 miles
Type: Loop
Difficulty: Medium
Elevation gain: 1,400ft (from 0 - 1,300ft)

Sweeney Ridge is one of the best ways to explore the hills above Pacifica, but most of these routes are out-and-back affairs which involve treading the same trail twice. We've managed to scout out a great loop trail into the hills using Mori Ridge and the Baquiano Trail, but also includes a little-known trail from the top of Cattle Hill.

Involving some moderate and occasionally steep inclines, you'd be wise to tackle the trail in a good pair of walking boots. From the top of Sweeney Ridge you'll find an abandoned Nike missile base, the San Francisco Bay discovery site (link) and great views across the peninsula.

Because of difficulties picking up the Cattle Hill trail from the bottom, we recommend approach the route in a clockwise direction. Our trail map locates the trailhead at the end of Bradford Way (use Route 1/Sharp Park Rd exist and drive south) where you'll find plenty of parking available, but another option is to start by the Shelldance Nursery, accessible only to northbound Route 1 traffic.

- Trailspotting Images: Baquiano Trail on Flickr
- Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
- Wikipedia: Mori Point

Peninsula Trails: Hiking and Biking Trails on the San Francisco Peninsula by Jean Rusmore