Area: San Francisco Peninsula
Distance: from 7 miles
Type: Out-and-back
Difficulty: Medium
Elevation gain: 2,000ft (from 0ft - 1,900ft)

If you’re looking for sun along the fog-bound San Francisco peninsula coastline, then Montara Mountain is the place to head for. Rising almost 2,000 feet above the beaches of Pacifica, here is where the sun often breaks through the clouds. Even when the sun continues to hide, there’s still a chance that by the time you hike to the summit you’ll be hiking above the clouds.

Choose your trailhead from those listed below. The shortest official hike begins in San Pedro Valley County Park promising great views from the Northern flanks of the mountain towards Pacifica. The other routes cover the Western and Southern slopes of Montara Mountain and offer a different experience and different views over a wilder terrain. (Mileages shown below are each way)

• 3.5 miles from San Pedro Valley County Park trailhead.
• 3.9 miles from Mc Nee Ranch trailhead.
• 4.1 miles from Farralone Cutoff, Montara.
• 4.8 miles from Graywhale Cove SB (3.1 miles with shortcut).
• 6.1 miles from Old San Pedro Mountain Road (Higgins Way)

- Official: Montara State Beach
- AllTrails: Montara Mountain North Peak Loop Trail