Area: San Francisco Peninsula
Distance: 3 miles
Type: Loop
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation gain: 600ft (from 1,800 - 2,200ft)

Best known for its Earthquake Trail, the Los Trancos Open Preserve is nestled into the hills above Los Altos around 45 miles south of San Francsico. Be sure to pick up a map at the trailhead to clue you in on the subtle changes in landscape, indicating one of the most notorious and active geological fault in the world.

Starting in open surroundings with great views of the bay, San Bruno Mountain and on a clear day even Loma Prieta, the trail heads into woodland where you'll spend most of the hike. Weather is usually better here than you’ll find at the northern end of the peninsula, so although this is a worthwhile hike on its own, it's also a safe alternative hike should you get fogged in elsewhere.

- Trailspotting Images: Los Trancos on Flickr
- Official Site: Los Trancos Open Space Preserve
- Wikipedia: San Andreas Fault

Peninsula Trails: Hiking and Biking Trails on the San Francisco Peninsula by Jean Rusmore